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  1. New rant, a short one...


    People who feel they have to 'sign' each and every post at the bottom of their input. We know what your name is...its on the left of your post. It smacks of arrogance.


    Trust me, you're not THAT important.


    There are exceptions to this, though...rite?





  2. You need to do a stress test ;) Keep firing it get over 20K rounds through this bad boy...


    20,000 is a bit much, especially for GBBRs. (I'm pretty sure that the WA would die about 5 mags in. :P)


    Anyway, nice review, looking forward to additional information.



  3. Got my refund from TS One.


    Kinda' strange how it was directly deposited into my bank account, but whatever. It's there.




    Edit: And yes, I'll be keeping my eyes on Horizon Tactical. However, they're in California, and sales tax was bumped up yesterday to 9.25%, which can be a turn-off to those of us located in Cali. <_< (Yet another reason for me to GTFO of here, heh.)

  4. I'm slightly confused...


    Which upgrade parts are 100% proven to increase performance?


    I know I want the Anti-Rotation pins and the KAC Trigger Guard (just for looks) over on TS One, and I had planned on buying all the others to review, as there are numerous unanswered questions about said upgrade parts, but if they're pointless, I see no point to the review...



  5. The fact that TS One is not replying is getting very annoying.


    I had placed an order that included all of the upgrade parts available thus far (as I had planned on writing a review on the V3 and all parts available for the WE M4), and, well, with the PayPal incident, they cancelled my order, but have yet to refund me my $517.00.


    The fact that they haven't replied makes me want to start a dispute on PayPal.


    WETTI, any ideas as to why TS One is not replying?




    P.S. And yes, with all of these negative reviews of the aftermarket parts, I'm definetally rethinking my "order all the parts" idea.

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