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  1. Heh, there may very well be no problem...I haven't really studied the externals, to be honest. I saw gaps that I didn't remember seeing before (not the handguard gaps, the others) and got worried.




    Edit: I know the upper handguard wiggles a bit more now than it used to.


    And the front sight post is a little looser than before...

  2. Ok, another AK related issue on my hands.


    While installing the PBS-4 that arrived today, I had to use a decent amount of pressure to get it to mount at the correct angle.


    In doing this, I think I flexed something that shouldn't have been flexed, as the fitment of the handguards seems off now.


    I have no idea as to how to correct this.














    Note: I didn't perform the wear job. I received it like this.


    Any suggestions? (I thought the VFC was a solid gun, and that I wouldn't have to worry about this sort of thing...)


    Or did it look like this before, and I just wasn't paying enough attention?



  3. Alright, I'm still on a learning curve when it comes to AKs...




    Would this work with my VFC AKS74UN? If not, can it be modded to fit?


    Also, know of any synthetic upper handguards with a weaver rail on the top (none on the sides) that would work?






    Edit: Something like this:



  4. Alright, after much trial and error, I still have not been able to mount it. -_-


    It appears as though the previous owner has worn down the mount on the AK to the point where it will no longet hold.


    And, it appears that the swing arm on the PK-AV is also worn down, so I'll need a replacement.



  5. Alrighty, got my PK-AV in today...and, either I can't figure out how to mount it (I'd imagine it'd be fairly simple...), or, the VFC mounting rail is not MilSpec.




    If someone can tell me just by that pic, that'd be great. (BTW, didn't do the wear job myself. I think it's a bit overdone, but I'm not complaining. It's an AK, afterall. :P)




    PBS-4 is on the way.



  6. LOL Vic, they DO have standard threads, its under the flashhider adapter, has a set screw aswell.


    Yeah, had a bit of a convo with Jag over MSN. It's all better now. :D


    Now, to wait and see if the PK-AV mounts...




    P.S. Where's my M4...I need to cuddle with something less frightening. :P

  7. Ugh, EPIC fail on my part. EPIC. :(


    So I learn today that the VFC does not have standard 14mm threads...Noveske on order is now out the window.


    I also learn that the scope mount is not of real dimensions...PK-AV that I'm expecting (should be here tomorrow) is also out the damn window.


    Also ordered a PBS-4...it's a clone, and not the VFC...so this may very well be out the window as well.


    Remember, guys, to DO YOUR RESEARCH before purchasing anything.


    The first AK I've owned has become somewhat of a bummer...




    Edit: Jag has informed me that there might be an adapter under the muzzle break...I'll have to check.


    Edit 2: :crazy: Yay, there was. :D THANKS Jag!

  8. Yeah, that's what I'll, most likely, go for. I can nab it at a pretty sweet price at ASGI right now.

    (Thanks for your help via PMs, Plastic.)


    Here's a ###### poor picture of AK-74. I added a filter, which helps a bit. Then again, all it is, is another '74, anyway.




    Just received it about 2 hours ago. Oooh, the 'dark side' feels oh, so good. :P


    Newb question for you guys. How do you remove the flash hider*?


    *I have a feeling it's not called a "flash hider"...so please, correct me.






  9. Victory is obviously going for an impression of a real gun, and it was smart of Mars to point that out. 




    I'll just tie it on elsewhere. Don't like the idea of attaching it to the barrel, anyway, as VFC designed the kit as a 2 piece barrel. :mellow: (I mainly threw the gun together for pics, didn't really think of the melting aspect.)



  10. Anyway...


    Remember what I said about the M468? How I called it off?


    Changed my mind AGAIN...and this time, I'm determined. >:-D




    Almost done externally. Need to swap out the rear BUIS, the clone EOTech, pistol grip, and a few other little bits, and add a MAID, additional furniture, real optic, real BUIS, and I plan on mounting a M203, along with other bits.


    Didn't go for the classic M468 look. Went with the updated ARMS #50, and added a gas piston to the rifle.


    Once I obtain the MIAD, I'll get going on the internals. (Because, obviously, there's no gearbox in there, heh.)



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