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  1. Excellent seller. Shipped FAST, great communication, A++! Would gladly do business with again.

  2. No wonder I couldn't find them. I wasn't too far off, though, considering that the mount itself is similar to the DD offset, which is ~$45.00. The T-1 doesn't mount directly to the DD offset, though, rather to the rail on the mount...if that makes sense. So the price is reasonable. -Vic
  3. Hmm...I wonder... Also, I gotta' ask, as I can't find them. How much is KAC charging for the laser engraved T-1 battery covers? I'm going to guess $50.00. -Vic
  4. Communicating from beyond the grave via your signature...GENIUS. R.I.P., Ant, R.I.P.

  5. First time I read that, I thought sure you said LEGO. I thought, well, that's not right, they're going to be made by ERGO. I read your post again and felt silly. Wouldn't be surprised if LEGO picked it up, though. -Vic
  6. Oh, wow...I'm going to need more info on that. I found the Krein Knives website, but most of it is still in the works, looks like. More info, please! -Vic
  7. The new PM system is fantastic, Arnie. Thanks! -Vic
  8. MALICE clips...I *fruitcage* hate MALICE clips. That is all. -Vic
  9. Looks good so far. Like others have said, it'll take a bit of getting used to, but it is for the better. -Vic
  10. No need to thank me. I know how much you guys appreciate such fine artwork. -Vic
  11. Nahh, that's where the super cool picture goes.
  12. There are exceptions to this, though...rite? -Vic
  13. A hopup tracer unit along with orange glow tracers is mandatory. -Vic
  14. I've been looking into ZT for an EDC knife, as I need a bit of an upgrade. How do you like yours? -Vic
  15. About the LWRCi rifles, here is a cropped reference pic...and by reference pic, I mean Mods, don't kill me for this one. Pictured: A3 w/Magpul and Ergo FDE. Also LaRue UDE, but that is another story. Picture taken under natural light. LWRCi doesn't consider their rifles to be FDE, which is why they call them MRE...Multi Region Earth. It looks to me, like FDE, but with a hint of green. It is not as bright as FDE, which, in my humble opinion, makes it more effective. And Corps mentioned the different shades of MRE that the LWRC rifles have had...here is another cropped
  16. Yes, Guzzi. We know. I'll post my desktop later...don't want to bother with organizing my icons. I have billions of them up right now. Yes, I counted. -Vic
  17. As it has been said, though, the clone EOTechs don't hold up to recoil as well as the clone Aimpoints do. I would check out the Primary Arms line of clone Aimpoints. They're pretty good (and usable on R/S) from what I've read. -Vic
  18. My Kalash AK-74: My plan is to artifically wear it, paint it, then wear it again. It'll also be tacticool'd along the way...Belarus optic mount (for the Rakurs-P/Weaver POSP) and an Ultimak rail. Oh, and a new pistol grip, as I'm not a fan of the stock pistol grips. Not sure if I want to go with a CAA or Tapco SAW grip replica. (Don't hurt me.) Edit: Oh, also, one of those Russian Naval grey/blue-ish slings would look out of place on it, eh? Oh, well. -Vic
  19. Agreed, GoLgO. I quite like the look of a good stippling job. -Vic
  20. For old time's sake, eh. -Vic
  21. Real steel? LWRCi. Airsoft? Classic Army. -Vic
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