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  1. LOL, your signature is hilarious!

  2. Happy Birthday, Andrew.

  3. You know you're bored when you post random comments in random profiles. Oh, and Happy Birthday, you inactive Arnie go'er.

  4. You know you're bored when you post random comments in random profiles.

  5. I'm in ur base... Singin' the Happy Birthday song.

  6. We need to nuke this guy off the face of Arnie's. Seriously.

  7. He's Krazy, he's L, he's Krazy L!

  8. Hmm...I wonder what office parties at PE: Hawaii are like...Happy Birthday!

  9. Survived another year, eh? Happy Birthday.

  10. Hmm, I wonder what KWA Office Parties are like...Happy Birthday!

  11. x2, Happy B-Day!

  12. You're an evil man that locks all of my kewel threads. :-P

  13. I would think that Jack Bauer is older than 21...none-the-less, happy birthday.

  14. Good to see you've joined Arnie's. I remember you on ASR. Always had quite the lot of useful information. Do enjoy your stay!

  15. How's the SR-25 comin' along, mang?

  16. Hmm, suprised I didn't post here. Anyway, ndfirespider, great buyer. Excellent communication. I'd gladly do business with him again!

  17. Lol, one year old? Happy Birthday!

  18. He's also a great buyer. Sent payment extremely fast. Would gladly do bsuiness with again.

  19. You're Homeless, and yet, you have internet access. How can this be possible?!?

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