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  1. I feel so vain having a pic of myself on my D/T but I really like this pic of me:




    Yes, Guzzi. We know.


    Phew, thank goodness!


    If a man buys a BMW R5x, it is the equivalent of sawing his testicles off. With a rusty butter knife. With no anaesthetic...


    This has decided my new desktop...




    It gets funnier, every single time I see it.


    In fact the only car currently made that is girlier and more sad for a man to own at the moment is the Alfa Mito.




    I'll post my desktop later...don't want to bother with organizing my icons. I have billions of them up right now. Yes, I counted.



  2. I have done it out of curiosity.


    On semi, it stayed zeroed for half a clip and on auto it it was f$cked up. I hope you are not thinking of using one for your RS.




    As it has been said, though, the clone EOTechs don't hold up to recoil as well as the clone Aimpoints do.


    I would check out the Primary Arms line of clone Aimpoints. They're pretty good (and usable on R/S) from what I've read.



  3. My Kalash AK-74:




    My plan is to artifically wear it, paint it, then wear it again. It'll also be tacticool'd along the way...Belarus optic mount (for the Rakurs-P/Weaver POSP) and an Ultimak rail. Oh, and a new pistol grip, as I'm not a fan of the stock pistol grips. Not sure if I want to go with a CAA or Tapco SAW grip replica. (Don't hurt me.)


    Edit: Oh, also, one of those Russian Naval grey/blue-ish slings would look out of place on it, eh?


    Oh, well. :P



  4. The Glock knives are decent...definitely needs sharpening from the factory, and yes, they are balanced for throwing. ^_^


    I haven't used it much, myself. I've heard it isn't all that great at holding an edge, but, we'll see. For a $30.00 knife (actually paid $13, woot), I'm not expecting it to jump through hoops. It definetally had a nice feel to it, though. It's nice and light, too, which is good and bad.


    Oh, and ya' gotta' love the built-in bottle opener, which I've tested. It works quite well.





  5. gpm4003.jpg


    Am I doing it right? :P


    The mag pull is the only Magpul accessory on there at the moment. Some would thing that the ladder rail covers are Magpul, but they're actually Ergo.


    I have a MBUS available if I want to ditch the optic. Also, I've been thinking about swapping out the pistol grip for a MIAD, as I've had one lying around for about 6 months.



  6. The mag well thing is my calling card. Without it, the rifle is just not mine! :P


    And as a note, no, I don't actually need a mag well expander...like I said, it's just my calling card...that, and I kinda' like the way it looks, believe it or not...


    The first optic is a Rakurs-P, a 1x tritium powered optic that uses an interesting combination as a reticule, both German posts, and a chevron.


    The second optic is a 2.5-5x24 weaver mounted POSP.


    I've gone back to using the Rakurs-P, as I like it quite a bit. I removed the MBUS, so the optic now sits on the upper receiver, taking up all the real estate. Works better now than with it 1/2 mounted on the MRE.


    Looks different...


    And that right there is key...they're a bit different than the average T-1 or ShortDot.



  7. Got 'em from Ergo like that. They discontinued the 2-slot rail covers, so they tossed in a baggie of them when I made an order.


    They're actually really convenient, especially with rail systems like the MRE, as they have exposed bolt heads in some of the slots.



  8. ars022.jpg


    Something a little bit different, I guess.


    Plan on modifying it a bit more. Might add a MIAD that's been sitting around for awhile.


    And I'm pretty sure I have a King Arms M3 tac light lying around here somewhere...gotta' find it.



  9. Anyways, does anyone use the Falcon Industries "Light Switch Rail Cover" carried by Magpul? fiddlesticks, I believe you have one attach at your 12oclock rail. Can you provide with dimension and your opinion if they do a good or should I stick with velcro?


    I have one.


    It is 3.75" long, 1.5" wide.


    I like it quite a bit. ^_^


    Picture of it in use is in the R/S thread.





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