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  1. Very nice M6A2 you got there. -Vic
  2. Lol, I went back and look through your posts to find the origional owner. Sent him a PM before I bought it, took him about a week to respond. -Vic
  3. The Glock knives are decent...definitely needs sharpening from the factory, and yes, they are balanced for throwing. I haven't used it much, myself. I've heard it isn't all that great at holding an edge, but, we'll see. For a $30.00 knife (actually paid $13, woot), I'm not expecting it to jump through hoops. It definetally had a nice feel to it, though. It's nice and light, too, which is good and bad. Oh, and ya' gotta' love the built-in bottle opener, which I've tested. It works quite well. -Vic
  4. My G81. Yeah, yeah, I took a bad picture, tried to fix it with a filter and a border...so what? -Vic
  5. Am I doing it right? The mag pull is the only Magpul accessory on there at the moment. Some would thing that the ladder rail covers are Magpul, but they're actually Ergo. I have a MBUS available if I want to ditch the optic. Also, I've been thinking about swapping out the pistol grip for a MIAD, as I've had one lying around for about 6 months. -Vic
  6. Still no doughnut. :'(

  7. Yes, I am pretty sure that this is how he did it. I would ask him, but he's not all that active here on Arnie's. -Vic
  8. I didn't do the paintjob, but it is Krylon Camo tan and brown. -Vic
  9. The mag well thing is my calling card. Without it, the rifle is just not mine! And as a note, no, I don't actually need a mag well expander...like I said, it's just my calling card...that, and I kinda' like the way it looks, believe it or not... The first optic is a Rakurs-P, a 1x tritium powered optic that uses an interesting combination as a reticule, both German posts, and a chevron. The second optic is a 2.5-5x24 weaver mounted POSP. I've gone back to using the Rakurs-P, as I like it quite a bit. I removed the MBUS, so the optic now sits on the upper receiver, taking u
  10. Eh, I'll post this in here, too. -Vic
  11. Got 'em from Ergo like that. They discontinued the 2-slot rail covers, so they tossed in a baggie of them when I made an order. They're actually really convenient, especially with rail systems like the MRE, as they have exposed bolt heads in some of the slots. -Vic
  12. Yep, G&P MRE. Base gun is also G&P. -Vic
  13. Something a little bit different, I guess. Plan on modifying it a bit more. Might add a MIAD that's been sitting around for awhile. And I'm pretty sure I have a King Arms M3 tac light lying around here somewhere...gotta' find it. -Vic
  14. Chocolate chip! Same here, first time I've ever seen 6-color on an airsoft gun. Very well done! -Vic
  15. I have one. It is 3.75" long, 1.5" wide. I like it quite a bit. Picture of it in use is in the R/S thread. -Vic
  16. Quite the unique setup you got, there. I'm really liking it. I'd suggest a few things, mainly about adding some more FDE onto your build, but it looks like you're set up the way you want to be. Nice work. -Vic
  17. Hay, u'r not elrey!!1

  18. Yeah. I see you, there.

  19. I quite like the tan TAR-21, myself. Slap a FDE EOTech 553 on there, and call it a day. Edit: And a Scout light might look good on the rail system, too...hmm... -Vic
  20. I'm looking forward to reading a 100% unbiased review after seeing this video. Is that even possible, at this point? I don't think so. But we'll see. -Vic
  21. Wow, when was Ant banned? What did I miss?

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