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  1. My point is, you do not have to fill out any form to own an airsoft suppressor. I'd quote you, but the topic has vanished. I only brought it up, as the statement you made could have very well turned away potential buyers. This is now a non-issue, though, as it is, apparaently, no longer for sale. Anyhoo, moving on. ;)

  2. Bugger, it didn't post correctly. Anyway, short and sweet, foam filled suppressors are legal to own in the US.

  3. HAHA!it is a joke.

  4. HAHA!it is a joke.

  5. GiggityGiggityGoo! Happy Birthday Quagmired!

  6. And on that note, Happy Birthday.

  7. Happy Birthday, comrade.

  8. ...I asked you a question. :P

  9. WTF am bestest gun?!

  10. Agree with you completely on the subject of PTWs.

  11. Hey Dave, didn't you just get that PDW?

  12. Happy Birthday, Justin.

  13. Happy Birthday! Shalom.

  14. OMG Happy Birthday

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