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  1. I'm more interested in his GALIL SARS look alike in the bottom right hand corner..  ;)



    Yeah, I saw that too...but me? Naw, Armalites for the win!













    Wait for it....


























  2. what's on that there shotgun?


    Vertical grip, standard sling, flashhider rail mount thingy, and a side saddle.


    The reason that there are shotshells in shotshells, is that real 12 gauge shells are larger than the Maruzen shotshells, so the real steel side saddle won't hold the Maruzen shells, and Maruzen shells fit perfectly in real steel 12 gauge shotshells, so the sidedaddle holds the real shells, and they hold the Maruzen shotshells.


    I think I said that right...


    I have a flashlight for it...I need a mount, though. I also plan on buying a folding stock and a better sling.


    Wait...isn't this the Armalite thread? Oh well...



  3. Yeager, you might as well start a thread on this thing, haha.


    Anyway, I have scrapped my M4-S/M468 project...I need about another $100.00 to finish my M4-S....


    Then I will build a M468 from the ground up, heheheheh...



  4. I like it, but I think it could do with more paint, not just stock and foregrip. Maybe thats just me... I prefer all or nothing on a painted weapon, especially if its patterned - block colours I dont think it matters quite so much (IE, tan or OD furniture with a black receiver).



    You would hate my M4, haha.


    Updated pictures soon...



  5. I had some oil pastels lying around...and I was bored, so...




    I call it..., "The Frikkin' Lava Lamp On My Desk."


    Ok, so I'm not the best at oil pastels...but maybe I'll post some gun drawings soon...they are a tad better.



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