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  1. What is that mounted to the T-1? Is that a killflash? -Vic
  2. Pradal-Serey, what's it like using the Norgon Ambi-Mag Catch with the BAD? Looks like it'd be a bit awkward. -Vic
  3. Found this while looking for pictures: According to people that have done it, they will retain their color as long as you keep your contact with the material as brief as possible to get the desired effect. Leave the soldering iron on for too long, and they will blacken. Ok, so, that solves that. Back to more rifle pictures! -Vic
  4. That's what I had thought, until I saw pictures like these: (Reference Picture) -Vic
  5. Hey elrey...what rail covers are those? Here's a reference picture of Travis' rifle, which includes stippled XTMs. Not sure why the stippled area is blackened. Maybe he painted them for contrast? As far as I know, stippling them does not blacken them. I guess I'll find out soon enough. TCB, here's a guide on How-To Stipple Polymer: http://www.ar15.com/forums/topic.html?b=6&...19&t=261758 I plan on doing that here pretty soon. -Vic
  6. You can stipple XTM rail covers. I plan on stippling mine. -Vic
  7. Agreed. I'll be keeping my eyes on the Classic Army replicas. I might go that route. -Vic
  8. That looks great as-is. Reminds me of the pictures I've seen of older rifles with newer accessories, the old accessories replaced/upgraded in the field. -Vic
  9. Have you decided on what am bestest firearm?

  10. Oh, wow...a PDW with a Crane stock is epic win. (It almost reminds me of the XCR PDW in that configuration.) -Vic
  11. Makes me wonder what office parties at Evike are like...

  12. LOL, your signature is hilarious!

  13. If that's available, I'd definitely go that route. -Vic
  14. Oh, you guys are so going to hate what I do with my real AR. -Vic
  15. You can buy a clone counterfeit here: http://www.airsoftpark.com/ -Vic
  16. Victory

    $1K club.

    ^ On second thought, YOU win this thread. The P3 M134 is one of the most expensive, most badass airsoft replicas that I know of. Especially with the realistic mounting setup you have, vs. the hand-held Predator setup. The only thing that's missing, is the P3 tracer unit. (Which is 6 TM tracers mounted inside a flash-hider assembly.) -Vic
  17. They're also used for launching Nerf mini-footballs, to take out vehicles, etc. They're not as HSLD as an EGLM, though. -Vic
  18. Ahh, yes, I had forgotten about those pictures. Very, very nice, indeed. -Vic
  19. -Vic (Above contact information was gathered off of a public forum, www.AR15.com, which is why it was not edited out of the quote.)
  20. Oh, my... Very nice, Watz. Not much of a gun room, though, more like cases lying on the floor. Go hang them up somewhere. -Vic
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