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  1. Did I ID it in the firearms thread?


    I'm pretty sure you did.


    There's been talk (internet articles, forum threads, radio discussions) about S&W releasing a AR of that nature.



  2. Is it TROY?


    It is either Troy or Samson. Most likely Troy.




    P.S. If I remember correctly, Samson stole the design from Troy, but lost in court. They're very similar to one another, with only a few differences. The holes in the handguard being one of them, I'm pretty sure. The Troy is better, hands down. That's for sure.

  3. Before we saddle up for class day 2 (legs hurt SO BAD now) that the really awesome gun was his 11.5 LWRC mid-length with the inconel brake. Someone brought a POF gun, which took a dump, and was there on refered to as a POFS.




    Ugh, you got LWRC on your AR...




    What happened to the POF?


    Details! (Might be better posting in the Firearm Discussion thread.)


    It'd probably explode.


    The Carbon 15s? Maybe...



  4. Yah, he could have one of those all DE SR15 that KAC produced.




    Now that...is a fugly gun.


    Function over form most definetally applies to the Dark Earth SR15.


    I'd much rather buy the standard SR15 and Cerakote certain parts. That's my two cents, anyway.



  5. You need to do a stress test ;) Keep firing it get over 20K rounds through this bad boy...


    20,000 is a bit much, especially for GBBRs. (I'm pretty sure that the WA would die about 5 mags in. :P)


    Anyway, nice review, looking forward to additional information.



  6. Such a conversion would require replacing almost every single exterior part. Plus, the base gun costs about 2000 and then youre looking at several thousand more to modify it...H&K and cheap don't usually go together.

    Anyways, J Rock I like the paintjob but whats up with the angry face? Airsoft is supposed to be a happy time


    Aftermarket conversion kits are available.



  7. I take it you guys buy from Zahal.org? I've made a test purchase from them yesterday to see if things come through.


    I recently made a purchase from Zahal.org. Communication is great, and shipping is fast. It took about 9 days for me to receive my item.



  8. I know the Mojji scope comes with the Aimpoint mount, but I'd seriously consider buying a proper mount.


    Aside from that, very nice rifle.



  9. Yep, I was looking through that a bit yesterday. The FAM16 in the beginning of the thread sure brought back some memories, haha.


    One bad thing about threads that old, is that a lot of the pictures were deleted/don't work anymore, which is a shame. I only saw one camo rattle can paint job that could be considered desert camo, too. I plan on changing that.




    Edit: Also, by them time I'm done with my P90, I'll have a spare upper. I'm thinking about chopping it up for the lulz.




    Edit: Yes, I went too low in the front, there. It's MS Paint, it ain't gunna' be perfect.

  10. I don't think we really need to even debate this issue. Just post your gun up if it has some enormous personal value to you, and doesn't simply have a couple really expensive accessories on it. You don't have to like every gun that goes up here, but it'd be nice to see that the people who are posting them feel like they've invested a great amount of time and effort into their gun, and that they value it very much. I'd say the 1st post here is a great example, as is the Larue'd up M4. Sure it's an M4, but it's on a stand, has a flashy barrel, and the photograph reflects its owners pride.


    As long as the parts, internal and external, equal or exceed $1,000.00, which is the point of this thread, I completely agree. Accessories can be added in, but bonus points will be awarded if the total reaches $1,000.00 before bolting anything onto the RIS.


    Also, additional bonus points will be awarded to those with $1,000.00 replicas with natural wear marks from usage on them.



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