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  1. Victory

    Armalite Pictures

    Right now, I mainly use it for CQC desert environments. If you plan playing woodland, I'd upgrade.
  2. Thanks guys. It's actually a light tan. The lighting and my camera make it look white. -Vic
  3. Hey, Godofwar, where'd you pick up those MAG HK Midcaps? Also, how do you like them?
  4. Victory

    Armalite Pictures

    Exactly what I was talking about. Check Redwolf.
  5. Victory

    Armalite Pictures

    Right now, it's stock, and I love it. I might buy a tightbore, but besides that, I'm leaving it stock. I'd pick the M4-S.
  6. Victory

    Armalite Pictures

    Updated pictures of my M4-S: (And yes, I know, a suppressor with a M203 is pretty silly, well, at least in my opinion. I couldn't find my flash-hider.) The M4 still needs work...a conversion kit, an EOTech, a Gladius, oh, so many things to list! -Vic EDIT: Oh, I forgot to mention, that although the paint looks like an off-white, it's actually a light tan. It goes great with ACUs in my area.
  7. Yeah, I know, I just threw it on there real quick for the picture. Enough accessories?!? Never!!! Also, the carry handle...well, I dunno. I was bored? -Vic EDIT: Also, updated pics will be comin' pretty soon....
  8. I'll get a picture of my M11s later. -Vic
  9. I also recently acquired a P90: Traded my M700 for it. -Vic
  10. OMG, IMO, that is awesome!!! The only thing I don't like, is the front sight. Cut it out next time. Anyway, I would like to thank all of you for giving me ideas on how I should customize my M4-S when it comes.
  11. Victory

    Misc Pics

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