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  1. FFFFFFFFRRRRRRR-- It's very annoying, yet, very understandable. Especially when you know the story behind it. -Vic
  2. Victory

    $1K club.

    Well, this is the $1k club thread...these things need to be verified for admission into the club. -Vic
  3. Good point. And, good to hear that your Canadian friend will be used on a real rifle, as well. -Vic
  4. A bit overkill, don'tcha' think? And 'Corps...it needs moar Duostock. -Vic Edit: Don't get me wrong, I have considered buying a Specter DR. For a real AR, though.
  5. The look is starting to grow on me... At least it's not another Costa clone, right? -Vic
  6. Hmm, what to do with all these parts I have that just won't sell... Bwahahahahahaha! -Vic
  7. With functionality, the green color beats black. That's for sure. With form, some might not like the look. That's for sure. I do like the look, though. That's for sure. -Vic
  8. What kind of paint did you use on the Colt? Very nicely done, Gerry. -Vic
  9. I'm pretty sure you did. There's been talk (internet articles, forum threads, radio discussions) about S&W releasing a AR of that nature. -Vic
  10. It is either Troy or Samson. Most likely Troy. -Vic P.S. If I remember correctly, Samson stole the design from Troy, but lost in court. They're very similar to one another, with only a few differences. The holes in the handguard being one of them, I'm pretty sure. The Troy is better, hands down. That's for sure.
  11. *cough* *cough* What happened to the POF? Details! (Might be better posting in the Firearm Discussion thread.) The Carbon 15s? Maybe... -Vic
  12. (>.<)* Now that...is a fugly gun. Function over form most definetally applies to the Dark Earth SR15. I'd much rather buy the standard SR15 and Cerakote certain parts. That's my two cents, anyway. -Vic
  13. http://img248.imageshack.us/i/background2f.jpg/ http://img140.imageshack.us/i/background1s.jpg/ -Vic
  14. Victory

    KJW M4

    20,000 is a bit much, especially for GBBRs. (I'm pretty sure that the WA would die about 5 mags in. ) Anyway, nice review, looking forward to additional information. -Vic
  15. ^ The best pics I've seen so far in this thread. Very, very nice, Andy. -Vic
  16. Real PEQ-15 on an airsoft rifle. Cool. -Vic
  17. Aftermarket conversion kits are available. -Vic
  18. It's IDF issue. It it supposed to provide a better grip surface. www.zahal.org -Vic
  19. I'm really liking that LR300 setup. One of the best I've ever seen. -Vic
  20. Yep, I'm pretty sure you have to buy a SL8 or SL8-6 and convert it. -Vic
  21. Please tell us who you ordered from, so I can avoid them like the plague. -Vic
  22. I recently made a purchase from Zahal.org. Communication is great, and shipping is fast. It took about 9 days for me to receive my item. -Vic
  23. Ugly? Wear marks are a thing of beauty, my friend. They give the rifle its own unique character. Do you have any other pics? It's always a good idea to take them outside, in natural sunlight. -Vic
  24. Victory

    $1K club.

    I know the Mojji scope comes with the Aimpoint mount, but I'd seriously consider buying a proper mount. Aside from that, very nice rifle. -Vic
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