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  1. Dubya? LOL, I just now got that!

  2. I be in ur profilez, lookin at ur topiks.

  3. He screams, oh, how he screams!

  4. What you been up to?

  5. Walther Lock

    19 Apr 2008 - 9:55


    19 Apr 2008 - 9:53

  6. OMG, teh sekrets out!!11

  7. Happy B-Day, Yeager!

  8. It seems as though you are anti-airsoft. Is this true?

  9. Why be so Krazy, you Krazy L?!

  10. kahn i hav u r klassik plz? lololol

  11. Excellent seller. Bought a Leaf sight from Jin awhile ago. Arrived quickly.

  12. Excellent seller. Bought an ACOG, M203, and suppressor from quite a long time ago. Still have the suppressor, heh.

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