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  1. Happy Birthday, Andrew.

  2. I've been waiting for a painted M99 to show up in here... It'll look awesome after the khaki, I'm sure. -Vic
  3. Yep, I was looking through that a bit yesterday. The FAM16 in the beginning of the thread sure brought back some memories, haha. One bad thing about threads that old, is that a lot of the pictures were deleted/don't work anymore, which is a shame. I only saw one camo rattle can paint job that could be considered desert camo, too. I plan on changing that. -Vic Edit: Also, by them time I'm done with my P90, I'll have a spare upper. I'm thinking about chopping it up for the lulz. Edit: Yes, I went too low in the front, there. It's MS Paint, it ain't gunna' be perfect.
  4. Victory

    $1K club.

    As long as the parts, internal and external, equal or exceed $1,000.00, which is the point of this thread, I completely agree. Accessories can be added in, but bonus points will be awarded if the total reaches $1,000.00 before bolting anything onto the RIS. Also, additional bonus points will be awarded to those with $1,000.00 replicas with natural wear marks from usage on them. -Vic
  5. Have SCARs taken over? I came in here looking to find some desert camo painted P90 inspiration without much luck... -Vic Edit: Wow, this thread is old. Quite a bit of history in it.
  6. Victory

    $1K club.

    Oh, wow, I just realized that it has a working launcher. Yep, he wins. VERY well done! -Vic
  7. Victory

    $1K club.

    Very nice rifles, and I'm liking the G18s, too. I don't have anything that would qualify, unless you count real steel, which I don't even have yet. The REC7 and IAR I once had as projects would have fit nicely in here, though. -Vic
  8. I don't think it'd work. The EGLM is very picky as to what it can and can't mount to. If you took a dremel to it, though, I'd suppose it's possible. -Vic
  9. All I can say... Needs more guns. -Vic
  10. So, we hear you like grenade launchers, so, we mounted a grenade launcher on your grenade launcher, so you can launch grenades while you're launching grenades. -Vic
  11. Mark would be ######, lol. None-the-less, very nice rifle. -Vic
  12. You know you're bored when you post random comments in random profiles. Oh, and Happy Birthday, you inactive Arnie go'er.

  13. You know you're bored when you post random comments in random profiles.

  14. Dude... Both. Same time. Nab a rifle mounted camera for great justice before you go. -Vic
  15. Your pictures have to be my favorites. Whether it's your M4, your Masada, etc., they're all really, really quite nice. -Vic
  16. Posted in the MASADA thread, too. Remington's ACR: A good reference picture, methinks. -Vic
  17. Pics of the world's only BA-K-47: http://www.thisisfreakingridiculous.com/ti...13/ba-k-47.html I'd buy one. Or two. -Vic
  18. *Jaw Drops* Teach me... Also, expect a review of the new Vanaras PEQ-15 here in a week or so. I'll compare it to the DyTac, as well. -Vic
  19. Very, very nice, Jar|-|ead. Nice and worn, combined with "new" field ready accessories/upgrades. I'm likin' the look quite a bit. -Vic
  20. Same question. Pretty sure it hasn't been answered yet. -Vic
  21. I'm in ur base... Singin' the Happy Birthday song.

  22. So, pre-order the CO2 version, and be the guinea pig, or, wait awhile for user reports/reviews, until I'm confident in the purchase... Decisions, decisions. -Vic
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