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  1. Are the following G&P WOC parts same as RS spec or AEG spec?

    - Upper receiver width (for adding rail systems like Troy, Samson, DD, etc)


    Same question, but specifically about the DD.


    The DD utilizes anti-rotation wings that wrap around the upper, that hold the rail system steady.


    If the receiver is RS spec, then clone DD rail systems will wobble.


    Thanks all.



  2. The last order I made with EBB took 4 weeks to get to me. <_<


    I'll be looking to place another shortly, so hopefully they've stepped up their game a bit.


    By the way, I forgot to ask, where did you buy your case?



  3. UscmCorps...very nice.


    I thought sure you purchased the UDE furniture. Hadn't seen you use it until today, though.


    In pictures, it seems to have a foliage green tint, but in person, is it me, or does it look more grey-ish than anything?


    Noveske, also quite nice. The magpul seems a bit high up on the mag me, though. Other than that, very well done. :D



  4. Magsz,




    Better? :)


    Started to snow in SoCal...again. Had to snap a pic.


    Sorry about the trigger guard...it (and the wonky pistol grip angle) kinda' kills the pic, I know, but I can't find my roll pins. :(




    P.S. BTW, it is NOT a replica of the LWRC...it's similar to, but not a direct replica of their IAR. It's more or less my own creation (that, for the most part, is built with spare parts) that just happens to fit the role quite nicely...in my opinion, anyway.

  5. My IAR in the CQ Configuration:




    Still need:


    Selector Switches

    MIAD Pistol Grip


    Still want:




    M82 Carry Handle

    King Arms M3 in Tan


    I'll probably buy those wants after I send it in for GBB conversion.


    With this setup, I'll either use hi-caps, or a Battleaxe dual M4 electric magazine.




    Edit: Also, yes, the magwell expander...everyone's favorite accessory. :P


    It stays with the CQ Config unless I go with Battleaxe mags. It will be removed with the standard IAR Config for use with C-Mags and the like.

  6. I bought an ACM DyTac replica (which, I think, is based off of LaRue's) that I should have coming pretty soon that I'll use under my RIS II. I'm 95% sure it'll work.


    And seeing this is a picture thread, here's my MS Paint list of upper receiver configurations that I'll have for my M468 lower. It's MS Paint, so it's not perfect, but it gives you an idea. :)






    P.S. You guys should buy the M93B in my sig. :P


    (Edit) This is the one I bought: http://www.tacticalgeardepot.com/product_i...products_id=590


    A bit hard to get much lower profile than that, lol.

  7. EDIT: That's beautifully ugly, Victory. I suggest you do it.


    The major turn-off, is the gap between the handguard and the EGLM.


    Soo...another MS-Paint creation:




    It's awesome, in it's own little disturbing way.



  8. Anyway...


    Seeing as the AUG is a touchy subject, I'm curious as to what will happen when I throw this in:




    Made it the other day on MS Paint out of curiosity. (Yes, I know, it's not 100% accurate.)


    Not sure what to think of it, to be honest.




    Edit: Picture Magpul MBUS sights on the top rail, and Magpul XTM rail pannels in FDE on the sides.



  9. quick question and kind of off topic, but for those who want to order from WGC and not lose their trades, what was the US based company that would order from WGC and that way you can keep your trades in tact? I'm looking to get my perfect ar and instead of going straight to WGC, I'd like to be able to keep my trades.




    Cheaper shipping this way, too.



  10. Nice. I really wish an airsoft company would come out with a more realistic looking C-Mag. Especially one with a clear back and simulated rounds seen through it. That would be bad *albatross*!

    Are you getting the Hero Arms Auto-Winding C-MAG?


    That is quite a bit easier than I thought it'd be. :D Thanks!


    As for the C-Mag, yes, I'll most likely go for the Hero Arms. From what I understand, it's the highest quality C-Mag available.



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