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  1. My* version of the IAR. Receiver's a bit light, but I'm not all that worried about it. (The desert's not all one color, anyway.)


    Threw on the EOTech and irons for the picture. These will be replaced when my parts come in. (ACOG, barrel extension, etc.)






    *Inspired by LWRC, but not copied directly.

  2. PlasticMag, very nice. Good to see my pile of parts put to good use.


    BTW, that's not a Magpul "style" trigger guard, it's a genuine Magpul PTS trigger guard. :D


    TCB: Yes, this is the eBayBanned version.


    Installed it today on my Guarder MBK. The top rail is equally as tall as the reveiver rail, however, there is a very small gap between the rop rail and the metal body. Not too bad, though.


    Once my ACOG and what-not comes in, I'll get a picture.



  3. Not the best pictures, but they should at least give you an idea of what it's like.






    Top: Proud SIR in FDE

    Bottom: ACM DD RIS 2 in FDE




    Edit: My pics almost make it look black. It's overcast right now. Once it clears, I'll get some better pics.

  4. It's a bit darker when compared to Proud's SIR in Dark Earth (of which uscmCorps said was really close to EOTech's FDE coloring), but yes, I am happy with it. It's no where near the gold-ish coloring of other ACM FDE parts/accessories.


    In a bit, I'll take a couple pictures of the unit outside, in natural light, next to Proud's SIR.



  5. Random tidbit. My ACM DD RIS 2 just arrived. After my second order comes in, I'll get some pictures.


    My first impressions...quality looks superb. Trademarks are very nicely done, as well as the finish. (Only one minor blemish spotted so far.)



  6. A bit random, but...




    Can someone give me the approcimate measurement? From the left vertical red line to the right.


    --> |____________| <--






    P.S. Just realized...this is Page 102. Here's a pic to start the new thread with.




    LWRC's IAR (The inspiration for my current IAR project.)

  7. I don't like asking questions (especially like this one) in picture threads, but, I don't think this question would warrant a whole thread.


    The HK416 gas block w/flip up front sight...is it possible to remove the front sight? Via a screw or pin removal, that is. I'd like to avoid cutting if possible.


    I'd imagine it is removable. I just want to be sure before I purchase one.


    Thanks everyone.




    Edit: Also, how does it attach to the barrel? Via the standard two pins that, say, the M4 has?

  8. Isn't the receiver on the HK416 taller than that of a standard M4?




    Edit: Beat me to the punch.


    I don't think JG sells their HK416 bodies separately as of now.

  9. Random tidbit:


    Tested the EGLM on the M468 as a mock-up. My, is it massive!


    I'll probably want to (somehow) reinforce the SIR, as it wobbles a bit.


    Mock-up pics tomorrow.




    Edit: Ok, I lied. *Better pictures tomorrow.


    Let me be the first to call RAPE!!




    Optics will be mounted further back, obviously. Oh, and also, ignore the tape and paracord.




    Edit 2: EGLM Trigger Unit is on order with ARES, by-the-way.

  10. The Stand-Alone EGLM is well worth the $200, especially considering how much other Stand-Alone launchers can cost.


    http://redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/...il?prodID=17168 + M203






    Edit: Although, there are newer clone M203 stand alone mounts. Even then, the EGLM is only about $50 more (not including shipping) vs. the clone mount and a clone M203. (Mount's about $50, M203's about $100.)

  11. It can, you just need to swap out the Stand-Alone trigger unit with the Light-Rifle trigger unit.


    Looking to obtain said Light-Rifle trigger unit from ARES direct. (So I can attach the EGLM to my M468. ^_^)




    Edit: Also, bought a Daniel Defence sling mount so I can use a 1-Point sling with it.

  12. That's odd.. my M468 body has the markings on BOTH sides whited in...


    Did you get yours second hand? Both MBKs I've had weren't whited-in on the left side.


    Also, very, very nice '468, Firefly.


    Yours is the only (ONLY!) 100% accurate M468-LE that I know of.


    Now I'm oh, so very glad I didn't spring for the Bi-Level SIR, because then I would have been beaten to the punch!




    Edit: Isamu, check this out:



  13. Anyone got a picture of an M4 with a SIR system and an M93 stock? Thanks!


    *edit - nevermind, found one on Redwolf. Purty.


    You're getting pics anyway. ;)



    (Still a WIP...and yes, I know, the paracord, the barrel, gotcha'.)


    Real M468:



    This is my Barrett wanna-be'. Was going to make the M468 using this, until I decided to go all the way. (Guarder MBK, Proud SIR, etc.)





  14. Pulng, don't let these comments offend you, no matter how immature some of them might be. It's your shotgun. You obviously know what works best for you and your surroundings.


    Donut: :fear:


    Epic. :D





    Elfin Knights I want Elfin Knights. Sigh I got into Airsoft to late. I spent 3 days searching teh Web for any version. Sigh. Grats to everyone that has one.


    Any particular reason? They're great as a novelty, but other than that, not much else.


    I once had the Gana-Tan. Sold it to Donut. He, I'm pretty sure, sold it to Anteater, whom then sold it again. I'd bet it's seen a total of at least 5 owners by now, lol.

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