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  1. Good thing forum FPS limits have been lifted, as I think yours is shooting a bit hot, Titleist. ;)




    P.S. I can has LMT BUIS set? If you decide to sell them (and go Magpul or LaRue, which, if I remember correctly, you are), please PM me.

  2. Decided to put the 5-7 up for sale. Thought I'd mention it here. (See: Signature)




    Edit: Why am I selling it? I really do enjoy the look, shape, and feel of the 5-7. One of my if not my most favorite pistol. However, I have other projects that I'm working on that require my full attention.

  3. The frame, I'm not sure which.




    Brown or Khaki? (I think this color chart's a bit...off...but it gives you an idea.)


    I'll do the controlls in Light Gray.




    Edit: Power, construction, and the overall quality. I'd label all as "Meh."

  4. 57-1.jpg


    I hid the tip as Redwolf raped it. Not sure if I want to try to remove the orange, or paint over it. (And make the frame tan/FDE while I'm at it.)


    Didn't buy this as a skirmish pistol, no. And if I had, yep, I would have been disappointed.




    Edit: And yes, I added a filter. Only because the picture looked worse without it.

  5. Aside from the Comm system being on the gun, I really quite like your setup.


    Only thing I suggest, is some XTM rail covers. (You might have to fold your bipod forward after installing rail covers, though.)


    Also, a LaRue FUG (replica or real) would look awesome.



  6. Ribs, for a minute there, I thought the scope and laser in the background were also mounted to the Shrike. O_o


    So glad there's that Barrett in the background!


    Better pics of the Shrike, please. Always wanted one, but never wanted to shell out $800 for the kit.



  7. *cough cough hate you hispeed1 cough cough*..jk, very very nice collection man :D , loving the whole collection.


    *cough, cough* I'm thinking I'll *cough* have to agree with you *cough* completely! *cough*




    How's the finish on the ACOG? Looks pretty good in your pictures.



  8. I noticed the magpul on the magazine :mellow:


    Speaking of Magpuls on AKs...




    I realize that my flashlight mounting is a bit...off...for a few reasons.


    However, I like the setup, and the fact that the airsoft AKS74U lacks a gas tube (and all of the heat it generates), it works. :D


    It also provides support for the battery. It moves less freely now.



  9. I don't know if the EGLM will fit. The bottom rail on the SIR is lower than normal rails.


    Yeah, I was thinking about this.


    However, I've seen the EGLM mounted to a CASV, which is also lower than a standard RIS/RAS, so I'm pretty sure it'll fit.


    I've received a few pictures, giving me examples of the EGLM mounted, and I thank those that sent/posted them.


    I'll probably go for the EGLM. However, I'll probably buy the stand alone, and buy VFC's rifle mounts later on down the line, so I'll have options. (Plus, the stand alone is the same price as the EGLM alone, at least where I've found it. That way I'll get the FNH Leaf Sight, along with the cool factor that the stand alone has to offer.)


    Thanks guys,




    P.S. Definetally get a VLTOR stock for it. Would complete the look, as Chris said.



    Vic just throw an EGLM on the M468 and pretent to have moar stopping power that most of the other guys :P


    Lol, yes. 6.8mm for the 1337 win.

  10. Rough picture of an EGLM on a M4-SIR.




    Awesome, or not so much? (The SIR, Pistol Grip, and Stock are also FDE, so the EGLM won't look so out of place...at least, that's the plan.)


    I'll either go with the EGLM, or a standard M203. Can't decide.



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