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  1. Lightning10

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    1) Immigrants who can't even speak the lanuguage!!! I mean, I'll go get some fast food, and I'll ask for a plain cheeseburger burger and a Coke and I'll get my burger, but it has every thing on it, my drink is a Sprite and not a Coke, and for whatever reason there's a side of fries next to the burger! I mean, C'MON, if you come to the country, you've GOT to know the language. my dumb history teacher thinks we should know their languages so it's like sure, lets learn Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, and 37 German dialects. I think, it's our country, they wanted to come here, they should know the language. Period. 2) when you're listening to a good song and the person next to yu starts singing and drowns out the real singer. I mean gosh, I'll be listening to a great song and all of a suddn my brother starts wailing next to me and the whole song is ruined! argh, that gets me so mad. 3) teachers playing favorites! especially my stupid history teacher, he FLIRTS with the girls in my class and totally favors them. WE'll be having a contest Boys v. Girl for some extra credit, and we'll win by 10 points, and he'll come up with some unfair way to make it a tie so everyone gets the EC. I'll utter 3 words and get flipping sent to the office, and all the girls are over there giggling, constantly, and he does nothing! arrgh, I think this is my most annoying pet peeve. 4) when pro athletes holdout on contracts for more money. Braylon Edwards, a good rookie reciever for the Browns, was offered like 5 million bucks, in his rookie year, and he held out for 2 million more. personally, if I were him, I'd just be happy to be getting more than 6 figures my rookie year! it's amazing how greedy some people are these days. those are my rants, there might be more to come, but it feels good to get them off my chest for a while. Merry Christmas Greg
  2. Lightning10

    Tef's Carbine 03

    seems like a P90 with a different looking body. I love it! Lightning
  3. Lightning10

    Tef's carbine 01

    that would be so awesome, yet so expensive . I wish I had the money. Lovely creation. Lightning
  4. Lightning10

    Videos Thread !

    got my SRC-4 fixed! should be able to hav a vido up within a week! its considered a "noob" gun so i'll help out the noobs see what this gun can do. i kno many speculate cuz of the low price, but this should put all worries at ease!

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