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  1. lol wont be doing that again anytime soon i hope
  2. Is there any UK stores that stock them would like to try them myself.
  3. im looking to buy one now read some good reviews on it and those pics look the biz.
  4. Guy at my site has one and its very very powerful.. wouldn't like to be on the receiving end of it for sure
  5. This is my dream AEG, would have this over a systema! heard alot of great things about it
  6. This suit is a great product, because of its weight its very maneuverable yet still offers reasonable camo
  7. I have the GR15 which is the same rifle with pneumatic blowback and metal RIS, fantastic value for money. Highly recommended
  8. Just got a 60 degree, see how it compares to G&G's rubber
  9. Thanks. think somebody at my site has just got one.
  10. Is it stil Still going strong? Considering this for a secondary.. Not interested in GBB pistols..
  11. Places like this will be the downfall of airsoft. We are very priveleged to be able to do this hobby in the UK. There needs to be regulation of airsoft sites that ensure that RIFs arent being mis used, Maybe even send unannounced individuals to reported sites to access the situation and hand out fines for misconduct
  12. I agree, hot guns at close range isn't fun.. Last game i played i got lit up in the side of the head by a hot gun after i suprised him walking round a corner under 5m. Lets just say i wasn't pleased
  13. Bang rule should be scrapped, just leads to confusion and arguments. At one site i play at they use safety kills if you are in arms length of the other player.
  14. What do you guys record with?
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