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  1. lonewolf69

    The HK 416 GBBR by VFC

    Hi Icolatwe, I *LOVE* the externals of my M27 and I agree with you VFC does a gorgeous JOB of getting it done *RIGHT*, however, the only issue I've had with my gun has been the bolt. While most people hear would argue that you shouldn't need to purchase an extra bolt just to get your gun to work and that it should work right out of the door. I'll argue that for $35USD, it's not really much of an issue...
  2. lonewolf69

    WE M14 Gas Blowback Rifle

    Deal of the Day from Evike $260 USD.... Is this worth it...? The video looks amazing...!
  3. lonewolf69

    The HK 416 GBBR by VFC

    MCXL FYI - I have the M27 IAR from UMAREX/VFC, BOLT is a problem and I just order a replacement set. It was from a shop in Taiwan that VFC customer support asked me to reach out to. I emailed back and forth with young lady by the name of Jessica and after 3 weeks, I finally received the parts, $35USD for complete VFC origial BCG with re-inforced "PIN". I have a full update in the M27 IAR thread, see the latest posting... Bottom line, IF you decided to get the VFC GBBR HK416 (ANY model) a small $35USD in an extra replacement bolt should automatically be added, IMHO. Fair (NO!, but what else are you going to do?
  4. lonewolf69


    Congrats on the purchase and it looks like a SOLID unit from KWA, BRAVO... But IMHO, again it's on me, the whole reason to have GBB systems in the first place is for added realism of BB... Without it, I might as well be shooting AEGs... In terms of Real Steel, shooting .45ACP rounds, one can understand why the KRISS was invented to absorb/reduce the recoil but IMHO for me from a GBB realism standpoint, it's counter productive. I'm also on the fence for how the unit looks like REAL steel or otherwise, on the one hand it's got a great FREAKIN' unique/bad *albatross* look but on the hand it doesn't much resemble any standard firearm does it...? Again all of this IMHO... Still got an amazing deal with DUAL mags...
  5. lonewolf69

    Initial impressions of the VFC/Umarex HK417 AEG

    Just got mine, and it is nice...! Review to be up shortly this weekend...!
  6. lonewolf69

    Initial impressions of the VFC/Umarex HK417 AEG

    As you know by now, they did... Limited Edition only 350 pieces worldwide by Elite Forces/Umarex... I just recieved, my order from Evike.com for serial # 215... Yes review to be up shortly... I live in NY and it was delivered by UPS on 11/20/2012...

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