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  1. Slight correction, the unit is not firing 490 ~ 510FPS after all... ... the chrono was set for wrong weight BBS, when it was re-calibrated for .25s the gun clocked in at 525~532FPS... Tuned out my son played with settings on chrono when testing out his guns...
  2. Sixon, your wish is my command... LOL I'll have the pics shortly... BTW, I swapped out the bipod for my TRUE HARRIS bipod it TOTALLY makes the gun the "stock" bipod although it's part of the build was screaming CHEAP/TOY/REPLICA, the Harris bipod totally pimps out the rifle...!
  3. Well guys, EVIKE.COM just delivered the unit and it's FREAKING awesome!!! PICS to be shown soon... The inner barrel does in fact work... I'm getting between 490 ~ 510 FPS with .25 BBS, no jams after two FULL EXTENDED mags in semi and FA... Pics to come soon, including my AEG HK417 Sniper limited edition with MAGPUL accessories... STAY tuned... and do let me know if you should have any questions!
  4. Hi Icolatwe, I *LOVE* the externals of my M27 and I agree with you VFC does a gorgeous JOB of getting it done *RIGHT*, however, the only issue I've had with my gun has been the bolt. While most people hear would argue that you shouldn't need to purchase an extra bolt just to get your gun to work and that it should work right out of the door. I'll argue that for $35USD, it's not really much of an issue...
  5. Hi Hitman, So sorry to hear about the problem with yoru HK416C, the NEWEST bolt ver. 3 see pic #3 of my last post shows the BOLT to be modified by VFC/UMAREX with a HARDENED pin, so that it doesn't get worn down... So the BOLT catch issue should no longer be an issue... Using both the NEW VFC and the NEW Z-Parts BOLT the Bolt catch worked flawlessly without fail. If you need want the TAIWAN contact for KickBan Gun shop let me know and you can order a new complete bolt from Jessica $35.00USD for VFC or Z-Parts FULL steel but that will be a LOT more money... Sorry, I'm not sure what y
  6. Deal of the Day from Evike $260 USD.... Is this worth it...? The video looks amazing...!
  7. PS, I'm up to the challenge, I've taken apart more that my fair share of Airsoft and real steel guns, it just a PITA to do so... I've pushing 45 years and I've got two kids now so it's not like when I used to do when I was younger or single... The QD option makes sense but time will tell and with future posts on this thread as well if this is the best upgrade for the MP7 or not...
  8. LOL - No more "Jug" promise... Hi Sacairsoftsn00py, I agree that a full time tight bore single piece EXTENDED with supressor hiding the barrel would do the trick, but I like the idea of having short barrel with the promise of adding extra long on an as needed basis. I'm not tied down to either long or short... If you take a look at video and cad drawings, I *THINK* again it's IMHO, that the spring at the very TIP of the supressor (FRONT) pushing the inner barrel tightly against the stock barrel creating an airtight fit might just be the ticket to the 60+ FPS. I have no way to
  9. Hi Jug, Thx for the reply, I've had a few suppressors for my AEGs with and without the inner barrels but not one of them ever increased the FPS, like this one! The BEST suppressor ever is on my TM NBB MK23, the sound was suppressed and the FPS increased by only 8~10 FPS, but what a RUSH! I loved taking out the other side silently and seeing their looks of disbelief on their faces like WTF, where did those shots come from???!? I know this new unit for the MP7 won't silence the sound but the promised 60+ FPS increase is what's making my jaw drop right now...
  10. Hey bankz5152, get off your high horse man, it was "CREATIVE" writing on my point just to emphasize certain points no offense intended, it's not like I put all of my words in CAPS. With that said, you said you tried out "one of them", what about this exact one from Evike...? I'm already getting 425 ~ 435 FPS stock... I'm truly liking the idea of 500+ without internally modifying the gun... Check out this video:
  11. Good news so far!!! The new bolt is really good, ZParts is giving a HARDER recoil than the stock VFC/UMAREX Bolt, but it's only NOTICIBLE it's not a major/significant difference. The steel bolt is show NO SIGNS of wearing at all on the corner that catches on the BOLT CATCH... The NOZZLE set that came with my M27 must have been the 2nd gen(?) version with the SILVER piston head 2 pcs in total. While the new one from Taiwan, is a SINGLE piece unit with VER. 3.0 clearly stamped on Nozzle Set. I hope to run CHRONO this weekend, sorry for delay but the least I could do was to provide th
  12. Hi Guys, New to the forum but VETERAN in airsoft... Just picked up the MP7 a few weeks back "on the spur" impulse buy... Just finding out MORE about this gun and I'm impressed the more I *PLAY* with it... Unlike most of replies here on this thread, I'm looking to upgrade the gun to higher FPS for OUTdoor skirmishes so no LOW BALL NPAS for me... LOL I may have missed a post or two regarding this SUPRESSOR but what a find, it actually INCREASES your FPS (Again, my apologies first if already posted, this this is too cool not to post!!!) http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?produ
  13. MCXL FYI - I have the M27 IAR from UMAREX/VFC, BOLT is a problem and I just order a replacement set. It was from a shop in Taiwan that VFC customer support asked me to reach out to. I emailed back and forth with young lady by the name of Jessica and after 3 weeks, I finally received the parts, $35USD for complete VFC origial BCG with re-inforced "PIN". I have a full update in the M27 IAR thread, see the latest posting... Bottom line, IF you decided to get the VFC GBBR HK416 (ANY model) a small $35USD in an extra replacement bolt should automatically be added, IMHO. Fair (NO!, but
  14. Happy New Year to One and All… !!! Today is the first day back in the office (work) for me and guess what my corporate mail room delivers to my office???! Yup you guess it, my special package from Taiwan: VFC – HK 416 replacement NOZZLE set (2 PCS) VFC – M27 IAR new stickers to complete M27 IAR Sader – Oversized M4 charging handle Z-Parts - FULL Steel BCG (includes VFC Nozzle Set & Z-Parts STEEL guide block) (TOP) VFC – FULL complete BCG Aluminum (BOTTOM) (NOTE: Yes, the HK Logo looks WAY WAY better on the Z Parts than the original VFC, it’s not the CAMERA…) Clos
  15. @ DiscoBiscuit....??? I didn't start a 416C thread...
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