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  1. "Russian leader moves wedding ring to right hand to pick up chick." "Putin discovers food source, declares hope for Russia's future after scheduled take-over-the-world fail." "World's most powerful man cradles worlds most vulnerable creature, showing that he is only one man who is capable of being gentle. Or ending the world." "Putin wonders how this photo op could be symbolic of his ability to deliver an apocalypse." "Now how does Ozzy do this?" "Putin inspires comrade to fly. Promises flight to all chickens in new communist society."
  2. Not me, but the "chemical team" from one of our scenarios And the chemical team working with the "chemicals"
  3. Molon Labe. Roughly translated from greek: "Come take" or to put it onto context "come and get them". Them being my rights, or (as you can see on my hip) my guns.
  4. This is a bad picture. The day was over, so my gear was all beat up and my shirt was over my belt and everything. But it gives you a basic idea of what I look like. BTW, that's a barrel cover, they're required at this field when you aren't playing. P.S. The boots are fine. I'll get tan ones soon, but these go with all of my other loadouts, and there's a lot of undergrowth at this field.
  5. Lunch, posing for an ID badge picture. Hair ruined, covered in sweat, exhausted... Probably not the best pic of me ever, but sometimes feels nice to look like *suitcase*.
  6. Teaching my 7yo brother to shoot from a prone position: He enjoyed it quite a bit.
  7. Yeah, it really does. So does multicam though, so I'm going to give it a try. I also have regular woodland and that works really well around here, too.
  8. Communicating with fireteam: Covering the bomb technician: Doing something cool and military-y:
  9. I wasn't complaining. Just curious, since it looked like the real deal. Are we not allowed to post our real-steel guns?
  10. That sure doesn't look like airsoft
  11. Your flag is on the wrong shoulder, or it should be inverted. The stars always face forward. You need to either switch shoulders or get an inverted flag patch. In case you aren't reading this thread, I'll PM you too.
  12. Maybe the ergonomics need a good screw. Is it just me or did he just describe the M4s in the movie SWAT, but add a chinsey foregrip?
  13. The idea behind it is clever though. I really like the loadouts. If I could point something out, I got a bit of a laugh at the terrorist loadout. The lighting makes the jacket look purple, so I was starting to think that it might make a good Joker loadout Anyway, way to think outside of the box. I really like seeing people do the CIA SAD loadouts. I wanted to do one, but I haven't had the time and money to do anything decent. Excellent choice of weapons for each loadout. They all seem very believeable.
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