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  1. I am not sure, cant get a clean audio clip to check it. Here is a test fire on the 11.1v
  2. Here is what the inside of my TM-Scar L looks like after 40k~ rounds using 11.1v and 7.4v lipos at 392 FPS. http://imgur.com/a/VTPTR#0 Prometheus 363mm 6.03 barrel Magicbox POM piston head Prometheus hard piston eagle6 M120 Prometheus bearing spring guide SHS Gears Turnigy Nano-tech 1800mah 25-50C 7.4v lipo Turnigy Nano-tech 1800mah 25-50C 11.1v lipo Rewired with 16awg PTFE and deans plugs. Everything else is stock right down to the nylon bushings other than a 3/16 sorbo pad to correct AOE. I have fired around 70k rounds thru this gun in the time I have owned it.
  3. Yes. Dont be surprised if the piston head just spins on the screw inside it tho. The first time I removed my piston head to change the stock spring it came off no problem but this weekend when I tore it down to upgrade to the Prometheus piston I could not remove it since it was spinning freely on the screw.
  4. Has anyone had any luck finding the stock pistons? I've been looking to pick up a few spares for a couple months and cant find them in stock anywhere.
  5. Thanks for the info! I didnt know a next gen specific mosfet was being produced.
  6. Again. I don't care about high ROF. In not trying argue but I cannot accept what everyone is saying about running an 11.1v when none of them have ran one and there is not a single documented failure caused by one. If the design is not built to handle it what can be done to fix that in your opinion? I think that as long as the cycle rate does not exceed the return rate of the recoil weight and everything is shimmed (steel gears) and AOE corrected I believe that the only things I will have to worry about are the piston teeth stripping and the motor overheating. I may be wrong tho, which i
  7. I'm not looking for higher ROF. I just want to know which parts failed from people who have actually used 11.1v lipo. I respect your opinions but they aren't actually helping me. I have a reasonably unlimited budget, so im not worried about breaking things occasionally.
  8. Do you happen to know more details on their setups? What were the specific failures? What gears and motors were they running?
  9. This based on personal experience? I have searched all over the internet for info on 11.1v lipo in the scar and sopmod and have not come across a single failure and very little info on anyone actually running it other than a few sopmod guys. Im looking for info from people who have upgraded their gearboxes and actually ran an 11.1v lipo.
  10. Anyone know were I can find a replacement spring for the anti reversal latch? When I opened my gearbox to install the prommy spring guide I found the AR spring mangled up. I'm pretty sure I installed it wrong when I first installed my eagle6 m110 spring. The problem now is when I close my gearbox the piston isn't being pulled back. The teeth on the piston and gear are in good condition as well. With the gearbox open I can spin the gear by hand and it starts to pull the piston just fin tho.
  11. http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/158786-initial-impressions-of-the-tm-sopmod-m4-aeg/page-150 There is 2 fixes on that page. I did the tape mod and so far its been working for me.
  12. Take a look at the feeding port on the hop up. I had a problem with my mags not feeding properly and it turned out that the lip of the hop up feed port was slightly damaged. I took a knife and cleaned the edges and its feeding perfect.
  13. Looks like an uglier massada handgrip.
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