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  1. To be fair, that would be great. I honestly just don't understand it? Why does the fact that someone likes someone of the same gender make them dirty/wrong? Why do people have so much difficulty grasping that gender does not *fruitcage* matter

    ugh - I honestly could do with a good skirmish right now to get all this anger out of my system

    EDIT - Update regarding threesomes, my girlfriend has said that she 'doesn't like sharing what's hers' 

    *badger*s *fruitcage* twat *albartroth* *suitcase*

  2. Girlfriends best friend is getting narky about the fact that my girlfriend might be bisexual (she's kinda confused about the whole thing currently). This is made worse by the fact that the best friend is dating a devout, by the book catholic, who also believes it's wrong - And I'm *fruitcage* angry

    TL;DNR - Homophobia makes me want to go full *fruitcage* psycho on people.

  3. Honestly, it hasn't been too bad. Partly because I've noticed them getting closer recently, and kind of saw it coming. Didn't stop me hitting him when I saw him though, royally *fruitcage*ed my hand too - I've been more annoyed about my hand than I have the cheating thing anyway  :D


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