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  1. thatguy404

    9mm AR GBBR’s?

    Yeah that seems pretty excessive for what it is. However in real terms the 9mm bolt isn't much smaller at all. Though for airsoft's sake, surely a system more similar to the MP9's etc would work better?
  2. thatguy404

    9mm AR GBBR’s?

    Essentially an MP9 wrapped up in a AR package. I can see issues with gas efficiency using glock mags, even if the bolt is tiny and lightweight. That said... I'd probably pick one up!
  3. thatguy404

    PP 19-01

    Sounds like an unfortunate example. I purchased mine with 8 mags, and don't have any feeding issues. The battery compartment is small and a complete PITA, as above it's an issue most triangle stock AK's have.
  4. thatguy404

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    Plus1 on ratechs build being a pile of *suitcase*. Ordered mine from Mil-Spec solutions. Didn't function out the box.. Bolt didn't cycle. Sent it back and he accused me of putting thousands of rounds through it. (another story) If I was to purchase again, I'd buy stock we and upgrade when things fail. I think the issue is the forged receiver tolerances are tighter than the stock WE, so you need to modify anythung you get to fit.
  5. thatguy404

    VFC MP7 AEG looks closer and closer

    I heard the same thing, but he may be saying "point two oh" (.20)
  6. thatguy404

    VFC MP7 AEG looks closer and closer

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEB87iSN1tU Jet Desert Fox?
  7. thatguy404

    VFC MP7 AEG looks closer and closer

    Price around 380 to 400 usd. Rails to be fitted to finished version.
  8. thatguy404

    CQB/Urban/FIBUA in the south

    How about spartan cqb in Wiltshire?
  9. thatguy404

    WE Gas Blow Back M4A1 Carbine

    Was a drop in fit when I bought it. Ran like an absolute tank for 2 years. Moved and stopped playing airsoft, and I've had issues with all sorts of components since. I think it's catching on the front piece of the trigger, I know if I file it back to far it then won't hold at all, and will essentially. Slam fire.
  10. thatguy404

    WE Gas Blow Back M4A1 Carbine

    Hi all. Having an issue with my WE M4 gbbr. The rifle has the angry gun trigger box. Initially I had a light striking issue, which I've solved thanks to nugentNl. But having an issue with the hammer. Struggling to explain it, but here goes I'm left scratching my head... Trigger box. I've got an angry gun trigger. Trigger when cocked is sticking down slightly, and not returning to its correct cocked position. If I wiggle the hammer it can move to the correct position. Or push the trigger itself forward. It seems the spring loaded disconnecter needs to move slightly. I have a video I'll upload. If anyone can shed some light, that'd be ace! I'm thinking the hammer and the sear and getting caught. Or it could be time for a new selector, as it applies pressure on the spring loaded part. Cheers.
  11. thatguy404

    LCT AK EBBs (To include PP19)

    The first rifle she fired sounded really good compared to the others which sounded very whiny. Poor set up, or just a trick with the camera / microphone set up being in a different place?
  12. thatguy404

    Another GBB Thompson? Or a WE in Palco clothing.

    Bout time too. Looking forward to receiving mine!
  13. thatguy404

    'Six' New SEALS TV series. Pretty decent

    They mention earlier in the episode receiving the parts for the white nvgs. Personally I think it was purely for telling who is who. At least they got ir lasers of the absence of them in the first episode. Dat ending doe
  14. thatguy404

    'Six' New SEALS TV series. Pretty decent

    Night vision scene, when he is approached from the side.
  15. thatguy404

    'Six' New SEALS TV series. Pretty decent

    No spoilers here. But dude with an ak in the last episode, not magazine in his gun whilst pewing away..

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