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  1. Old thread I know but... "For anyone interested, I did caliper the body pins and the DTW ones are about 0.3 mm smaller than the Systema so the DTW lower will take a Systema upper but you cannot put a DTW upper on a Systema lower without boring out the holes on the upper a bit. I have not done this but I'm told it works. " You could always swap out the pins, and put the DTW pins in the PTW lower receiver.
  2. Plus1 on ratechs build being a pile of *suitcase*. Ordered mine from Mil-Spec solutions. Didn't function out the box.. Bolt didn't cycle. Sent it back and he accused me of putting thousands of rounds through it. (another story) If I was to purchase again, I'd buy stock we and upgrade when things fail. I think the issue is the forged receiver tolerances are tighter than the stock WE, so you need to modify anythung you get to fit.
  3. Was a drop in fit when I bought it. Ran like an absolute tank for 2 years. Moved and stopped playing airsoft, and I've had issues with all sorts of components since. I think it's catching on the front piece of the trigger, I know if I file it back to far it then won't hold at all, and will essentially. Slam fire.
  4. Hi all. Having an issue with my WE M4 gbbr. The rifle has the angry gun trigger box. Initially I had a light striking issue, which I've solved thanks to nugentNl. But having an issue with the hammer. Struggling to explain it, but here goes I'm left scratching my head... Trigger box. I've got an angry gun trigger. Trigger when cocked is sticking down slightly, and not returning to its correct cocked position. If I wiggle the hammer it can move to the correct position. Or push the trigger itself forward. It seems the spring loaded disconnecter needs to move slightly. I
  5. Looks Impressive for a clone! Let us know how it compares to the tm if you get a chance.
  6. Heard good things about Spartan. Know one of the Marshalls there! Guess I'll have to find some water proof gear and be prepared to get wet haha.
  7. Hey all. I've just moved from London out to South Wales near Cardiff. and need to find a new local. Tried looking on airsoft map, which kinda sucks. So anyone help me out with what's local, cqb is preferred but guess I'll have to take what I get! Many thanks.
  8. The blobface. My ra tech aac had similar issues even brand new. (which milspec blamed on me for over use utter tw@t but we won't go into that) the receiver quality is great. But everything requires work to ensure correct fit.
  9. Grey shop. Ru? Or order them directly
  10. Ffs, realised I've tagged the same pic twice. I'd love some more barbie! Sadly g&g rail covers are not quite pink enough! And I can't edit. Doh. Loving the ferro slickster, and velocity systems rugby. Finally found some kit I actually enjoy wearing though
  11. Fit in a ferro concepts elastic cummerbund. Rumour is the mosfet won't allow the 11.1 to work.
  12. Screw not giving names! Help a brother out!
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