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  1. So... now that the drum mag is actually the gas reservoir, how are we supposed to run a drum mag...? I am bamboozled how VFC can go this far to this extent, only to unpractically switch the two reservoirs. Perhaps I am misunderstanding how a GBB M249 works
  2. Even better if you lowball them all on HopUp
  3. I hope it’s not VFC. Last thing we need is to wait for a version 2 or version 3 for the gun to work and not have the classic VFC barrel wobbles Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I cannot help say, but the comments I've been reading reminds me when the TM M14 first came out.
  5. Absolutely love this! Any pictures of the cylinder assembly?
  6. Thanks for sharing! For some reason, I was expecting this bad boy to have a lot more parts. Not saying that it doesn't have plenty already...
  7. If you have a way to put the barrel on a lathe, that would be the way to go, so you hone the inner barrel evenly.
  8. Ouch... if it helps. Use Liquid Wrench Penetrating Oil to remove most of the rust. It's worked great on my road bikes and AK's.
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