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  1. Haha nice one pokira Really like that srvv brake. How do you like those Mag king mags ? I would like to get som metal akm mid-caps later on, is g&p the way to go ? Had some Mag brand 74 mags and they just wobble to much, like some have said earlier in this thread.
  2. Finally got some parts for the ak, sure will miss the peq though
  3. It's there till i get my handguard and light.. But i actually liked it there now, may not look the best but it sure is practical
  4. Sorry for this crappy pic but better than nothing i guess My latest aeg, E&L 105
  5. As far as i know neither e&l or lct makes one. I meant with the full length akm front and not the shorter ones with the ak104/105 etc gas block. Thanks guys
  6. I know i have seen folding stock adapters from Asura, Hephasteus and the kitgun one. And now that one! One of em should work Cant understand who nobody makes an akm, ak74 etc complete with the m4 buffer tube already
  7. Where are they Isamu !? Thanks for the help guys, one more Q though, what would be the best solution if i would want to put a m4 stocktube on the e&l ak74 ? Kitgun's ?
  8. Both G&P and Matrix/Cyma works with E&L ? I used to run some US palm mags with my old lct and i thought they were awesome, do they run with an E&L ? "new 7.62 magpul Pmags which are like 180rds" - Sound nice! Did not now they were coming out
  9. What 5,45 ak mag brand do you guys prefer ? What about E&L midcaps ? Or is MAG brand the way to go ?
  10. Some changes for the 416 I cant decide if i should paint it or not and how if i decide to do so. Suggestions ?
  11. I might just get one for my beloved TM then Had my first game with it this weekend, i forgotten all about how good they perform and how fun they are to use even if this is my fifth recoil shock
  12. Philbucknall, how do you like that Geissele rail ? Fit and finish ok ?
  13. Well thank you Callahan_88!! Glad you like it hef legend - http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/Accessories_Scopes_and_Sights_AEG_Optronics_3x25_Magnifier_Scope_BK.htm
  14. No not that there is to much stuff on it, i use about the same stuff its just the form of everything making it look supertactical you know, and i love it for that reason! If i was to get another ak, it would probably end up something like that. I can agree on those LCT mags as i had them myself. The are cheap and sturdy but just like mentioned, they can be rally sharp on that back-ledge!
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