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  1. That is very slick. Way cooler than the sights on mine.
  2. Musta left my invisibility belt on again. When I get home I'll up the connection count to ten or fifteen.
  3. Is the error to the effect of "This is a low budget operation?" That's my server. It only accepts five FTP connections at once. I used to have it set higher, but then my bandwidth found its way into the handbasket. That's a nice looking MP5. I can see that you're a smater man than I and kept your solid stock. It's no fun trying to cram a battery into the foregrip of one of those things!
  4. You people and your stupid nice cars. Grr.
  5. Nice. Got the whole family, eh?
  6. Yeah, the RIS junk is entirely n00btard's fault. I bought it all from him. I've been itchin' for a grenade launcher for a while, though. Just didn't have a place to mount it until now.
  7. I'll throw my ever expanding MP5 Of Doom into the mix: Sorry, the pictures aren't very good or very artistic. They were shot on my living room floor as of this morning, actually... I'll do some better photography of it after I get a sight for it and figure out how to fit my sling. It used to be an ICS MP5A4. I've since bodged the sliding stock from a UTG MP5 on it and I'll probably replace the endcap with a metal ICS one if it ever breaks. It has a Nitro top rail on it with some cheap plastic folding sights that suck but look nifty, a CA RIS foregrip held with some big fa
  8. Well, I finally got around to obtaining one. A 2002 Saturn LS2. In some weird hybrid of silver/blue. About half a liter of pure commuting power. Yee-haw.
  9. I can imagine. That sounds painful.
  10. That's next! And I'm thinking maybe some custom trades: "Zero's angry Glock", or somesuch. I haven't figured out how to do it without damaging the existing finish, so I've commited to refinishing the slide. But only when I have time to do it.
  11. No, it's a KWA M18C with a Guarder threaded outer barrel and steel mag catch, Tasco Optima, and a Streamlight M3. My guide rod and rocket valve are still on the way, and I haven't figured out how to properly install my trigger safety part yet.
  12. Do those not work? They're hosted on my in house FTP and I can't test them locally. All I get is "user posted image", unless I'm doing something terribly, terribly wrong. I just used IMG tags, with the little button-for-morons up there between 'http://' and '@' that does all the tagging for you... And only one's a Glock. The other one's a Crosman/Umarex CP99 Compact.
  13. Merry christmas to me Stupid holiday with a tree Merry christmas... ...Merry christmas... ...Merry christmas... ...To me! Now, what to get for the missus? Edit: Added more user slots on my server. Sorry, guys, I didn't expect to be pulling fifty connections at once when I posted this! Edit edit: Moved everything to attachments. Suddenly I'm sorry I ever bothered.
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