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  1. I got weird error message on this page, with no other windows open. Someone's server gone squiffy?


    Is the error to the effect of "This is a low budget operation?"


    That's my server. It only accepts five FTP connections at once. I used to have it set higher, but then my bandwidth found its way into the handbasket.


    here are some of my HK stuff,


    Like Zero i to had a itch for a launcher.


    Only thing i didn't photograph, is MP5K PDW, with quick detach supressor.




    That's a nice looking MP5. I can see that you're a smater man than I and kept your solid stock. It's no fun trying to cram a battery into the foregrip of one of those things!

  2. I'll throw my ever expanding MP5 Of Doom into the mix:






    Sorry, the pictures aren't very good or very artistic. They were shot on my living room floor as of this morning, actually... I'll do some better photography of it after I get a sight for it and figure out how to fit my sling.


    It used to be an ICS MP5A4. I've since bodged the sliding stock from a UTG MP5 on it and I'll probably replace the endcap with a metal ICS one if it ever breaks. It has a Nitro top rail on it with some cheap plastic folding sights that suck but look nifty, a CA RIS foregrip held with some big fat setscrews and with a custom AA cell NiMh battery in it that necessitated taking the front end of the gun apart and wrapping the wires around the inner barrel... I charge the battery while it's still in the gun. It also has a threaded flash hider that I've yet to find a silencer for, a Madbull shorty M203 on it that currently has a paintball grenade loaded, a cheap (but metal, and Surefire compatible!) RIS flashlight set strapped to the side that I need to get 'round to sticking the pressure switch on, and a 6.03 tightbore barrel. And a cupholder.


    Oh, and s'got one of those shorty fake double mag highcaps from the UTG loaded in it in the pic. I normally use lowcaps.


    Thing weighs damn close to ten pounds, by now. I don't even want to think about how much time and money I've spent on it. My mate says I don't even have the right to call it an MP5 anymore...

  3. That's next!


    And I'm thinking maybe some custom trades: "Zero's angry Glock", or somesuch. I haven't figured out how to do it without damaging the existing finish, so I've commited to refinishing the slide. But only when I have time to do it.

  4. No, it's a KWA M18C with a Guarder threaded outer barrel and steel mag catch, Tasco Optima, and a Streamlight M3. My guide rod and rocket valve are still on the way, and I haven't figured out how to properly install my trigger safety part yet.

  5. Do those not work? They're hosted on my in house FTP and I can't test them locally. All I get is "user posted image", unless I'm doing something terribly, terribly wrong. I just used IMG tags, with the little button-for-morons up there between 'http://' and '@' that does all the tagging for you...


    And only one's a Glock. The other one's a Crosman/Umarex CP99 Compact.

  6. Merry christmas to me


    Stupid holiday with a tree


    Merry christmas...


    ...Merry christmas...


    ...Merry christmas...


    ...To me!



    Now, what to get for the missus?


    Edit: Added more user slots on my server. Sorry, guys, I didn't expect to be pulling fifty connections at once when I posted this!


    Edit edit: Moved everything to attachments. Suddenly I'm sorry I ever bothered.

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