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  1. Just to clarify. Anything that Bjorn has been talking about Polarstars in this thread is that it has an issue similar that we're seeing with the SMP. It's only in the reference that both are HPA systems that show a similar characteristics on our rather specific issue.
  2. That does look like a valid concern. I wonder if it would have helped if they would be out in the open websites (there's still sites selling these from Element etc) with very explicit notifications that these should never be used on real firearms etc.
  3. Could you elaborate on that? Did they try to get you on copyright laws or what did they do?
  4. Yes, I sent him a PM quite a few days with no reply yet. Actually it looks like he hasn't even read it yet. However, his signature mentions that he still has some 552's to clear out. That's what actually made me wonder if he's still in business.
  5. Does anyone know if Josh is still selling Eotech 552 replicas or would it make sense to start looking elsewhere?

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