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  1. Been gone for a little while, just sorting some stuff in my head. Applied for a 12 month position in my company in Greater London, I'd be inducting all their new starters so it's a great way into the training department which I want to do. Got the dates for my final batch of initial SAR training, should be qualified by the end of October. Was given the honour of carrying my Stepmother's mother's coffin at her funeral. She was 94 and led an amazing life fighting Nazis in Poland. Just turned on the Xbox. Somewhat excited for the new CoD (I'm more a
  2. Yes it is. The only thing that currently gets me is the planetary travel, it seems to take no real time at all without FTL travel (which admittedly wouldn't make for particularly interesting viewing) but they've done so well with comms ping times that I feel it's just not explained in the series. Very enjoyable even if I am years late to the party, thank you Amazon Prime for suggesting.
  3. Finally got round to watching "The Expanse" and I'm hooked...
  4. Have to say it's one of the places I feel the compulsion to visit. Really need to see if I've got access to it.
  5. Apparently not, I have received it today (and hopefully can use this one for my Personal License application as well which I'm going for soon). Got an Esee 4 fixed blade yesterday, not had a decent fixed blade before and I'm a little in love (even if I'm limited to when I can carry it).
  6. I've definitely seen a Stargate just off a motorway before, always assumed it was for paintball or airsoft. After about 6 weeks my DBS certificate has been printed (I've never had a check before so I don't know if this could mean a potential fail but I doubt it)
  7. I'm off to Bristol for a course tomorrow. Never been so quite excited to explore
  8. I am rewatching Stargate, forgot how much I identify with O'Neill's sense of sarcasm.
  9. Problem is testing for those infections wouldn't be fruitful until 12 or so weeks down the line. I know the odds are in my favour, just a little disconcerting hearing two very different things from two doctors. I think I'm going to try and chat to my GP for a third opinion.
  10. Was cleaning up a bunch of blood today at work and my *fruitcage* glove split, I cut my hand yesterday. Didn't realise the glove was compromised until after finishing cleaning up. Called 111 and been told to go to A&E but then a doctor called back asking if I'd washed it (I had obviously) and she says not to bother as I'm at low risk. Not sure what to do now, don't want to pick anything up as its potentially life changing, don't feel like I can worry my friends or family (AM and Auditor know because of A&I reporting) so venting here.
  11. Aye, it's as old as warfare itself. Just it's far easier to come across with the advent of social media. It shouldn't be down to charities to pick up the pieces, to have to rely on people's generosity as opposed to the responsibility of the government.
  12. Its disgusting, particularly mental health for armed and emergency services. We expect these people to put themselves at risk, into situations most people can't even comprehend and then we pretty much throw them away.
  13. Reading an article about Detective Inspector Terry Hopkins, Police Officer and Veteran who killed himself on Christmas Eve. And then being angry, angry that the government doesn't look after Veterans yet can push pay rises through (as well as their bloody expenses, isn't that what a salary is for?) and pay for this Brexit cluster*fruitcage* but won't help people it sent into harms way. Angry that people don't really seem to give a *suitcase* as it's not a celebrity, it's not smut, it's not apocalypse level events (though to the family I'm pretty sure it is). Angry that people feel
  14. Ah, the good old pointy bezel so you can rest it bulb down.
  15. Cant really make my place a fortress given it's a rented property (hopefully my last one). However that means the only real thing of value in the communal area that's mine is a fridge. Rest is then locked in my room. I've some pretty bright flashlights for my SAR stuff which would definitely disorientate people and my valet tray on my bedside cabinet has a couple of Zebra F XMD for late night note taking.
  16. Most likely. Scrotes have been trying to break into houses in my area recently. Miss my D cell Maglite
  17. Could the SAR teams have some government funding please Stunt (currently they survive on donations)? Also if you could confiscate needless 4x4s and repurpose them as SAR team vehicles that'd be grand.
  18. Had a lovely friend and colleague bring in some home cooked lasagne and it's the best I've ever had. Also we got a new detection wand due to the recent unease over knives, it's so sensitive it picked everything up but when we used the sensitivity override button it missed all my sharp stuff and wouldn't trigger for anything smaller than a four hole holepunch haha.
  19. Yeah I've no criminal record but just trying to work out what they do with the 5 year home history.
  20. Just done my proper full day of SAR training and filled out my DBS check (only thing I'm nervous about is about 4 years ago I lived somewhere with no tenancy agreement and a bunch of dodgy types)
  21. Had to spend three hours of my life on a "course" that covers what our regular electronic learning refreshers do (don't be a *rickroll*, don't discriminate). On my day off, with no reparations and it was also the day I was meant to get my fridge delivered. Very unhappy with Head Office, as per usual they're a bunch of silly people.
  22. I'll look into this. We don't have lots of freezer space or much room to add one unfortunately but always worth looking into, especially for myself as I'll only be cooking for me normally. And I work for Wetherspoon (really reconsidering this given the owner of the company being such a massive moron) so sure I've had worse.
  23. After being fed up of not having enough fridge space and therefore pretty much living on a diet of microwave rice with sauce and takeaways (among other glorious cupboard staples) I've invested in an undercounter fridge by selling some of my company shares. Looking forward to getting back into cooking fresh food (and also then prepping stuff up again for freezing) and having non-miserable meals again.
  24. I passed the Search and Rescue selection day. Should be starting training relatively soon and they want to get our intake operational ASAP to help increase coverage. Turns out not being able to drive isn't a deal breaker, bunch of people on the teams don't and carpool (obviously I'm more than happy to contribute to fuel and snack costs for drivers) to training and call outs.
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