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    4 years since i got a KWC P99
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    CA33E. TM AUG Mil. WA SVI IED 5.0in Maruzen NBB Colt Python 6in. KJW FM M9A1
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    Or you could get a CA33E. Lovely, meaty, HK, metal, mmmmmm, macdonalds, dah dah dah dah dah, im loving it goodness gracious me what a nice gun. And you can add a lot of stuff to it.
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  1. Oh i see it now! Its a PDW! What you personally defending against, Russian T-80s??
  2. Knives I dont collect, however I do have 3 Katanas, 1 Wakizashi, one tanto, 1 hand and a half, and one claymore. Check my gallery. Mostly non functional except for my Hanwei Golden Oriole. Carbon steel hand forged differently tempered with a true temperline, wooden scabbard, real rayskin and finest japanese cotton wrap. The guard depics a mantis stalking a cricket unaware that its being stalked by the Golden Oriole. The same motif is also carried on through the pommel cap and handle collar. Beautiful sword. Cost me about the same price as a LR300.
  3. There there *pats enzo on the back* Shame on you making enzo cry like that! Anyways heres mine.
  4. Hey Ziggy is that an AUG Flashider on that M16? Looks okish.
  5. Ziggy man seriously, stay off the weed when youve got your AEGs out. Nah kiddin, its STILL better than a SR-47.
  6. Drum mag?! If youre not kidding can i call at your house and kick you in the shin?
  7. I like the OD stuff on em thou.
  8. Azrael....AUGS should not be tampered with externally, upgrade it as much as you want in the middle, but please dont touch the outside, god made it that why, what are you to judge. Nah jus kiddin augs simply cant look ugly.
  9. Hehe.....its a giant jam sandwich.
  10. What a long silencer, whats he making up for do you think?
  11. Blam.....momma.....dink..... Blam is the sound of the rocket hitting the wall.....momma is the last thing going through your head after the rocket......dink is the rocket landing on the ground.
  12. *Guy from the opening scene of jurassic park* SHOOT HER!!!!!!!
  13. Hes a lil person dressed in green holding a humans cup, isnt it odvious what he is? A Leprechaun!
  14. michael_collins


    What the hell is that lil tiny monstrosity
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