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  1. scion33

    KJW M4

    > Thanks! i received an email from Airsplat and told me i can come down the store and check out the gun... Then i'll order the mags from UNcompany. I'd also get the v1+BCG from cradle once i get my hands on the gun. >Is the upper receiver from airsplat also plastic?
  2. scion33

    KJW M4

    Hi Guys, Question regarding Airsplat. I saw they still have stock of the KJW M4. And i'm planning on buying the mags from UNCompany. But i've read some bad reviews with airsplat and considering buying the gun from uncompany. Has anyone had experience / problems buying the gun from airsplat? Or should i just order from uncompany? I'm just worried about customs issues and not getting the gun in the end.
  3. scion33

    KJW M4

    Great thanks! i'll check these sites out. thanks for the help!
  4. scion33

    KJW M4

    Hi Guys, I'm new around here and a new fan of KJW M4. I'm located in Los Angeles, CA and was wondering where i could buy the magazines locally. I've searched evike and GI and other local stores don't carry the magazine anymore. I see airsplat carry the gun but the magz are out of stock. Hope someone could advice me where i can get them. Thanks in advance.

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