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  1. Hehe, this is another belated response to my gallery comments, but since I'm here, I might as well just answer the questions for other people who might see this


    The NCStar aimpoint replica cost me $25, and it's all over the internet at places like airsoftgi or evike, and I got mine from the latter. Three brightness settings, and no trouble seeing the dot. It does not come with cantilever mount which costs almost as much as the scope itself. tongue.gif It does come with a basic ring mount for standard weaver rails.


    Somehow, I thinkt the NCStar aimpoint replica looks thinner than the G&P or Guarder one. Maybe it's just the plastic. tongue.gif

  2. Haha, it's a nice little springer I picked up when I was in China for like $1. I think it has a muzzle velocity of 100 fps or maybe even lower, can't go through cardboard, but shoots straight up to 10 feet. smile.gif

  3. Hehe, the tac light and the laser is supposed to be on my MP5A4. They are just here to be in the pictures, and they are not staying on the Glock. tongue.gif In fact, the scope mount ring is slightly too big for the flashlight without any padding.

  4. This is the Cybergun springer. You may have been thinking about the KSC Sig Pro? But your comment still applies. tongue.gif The springer looks good, and actually feels good too because of lots of metal parts, but it shoots terribly. The trigger pull is EXTREMELY HARD (I do not exaggerate), and my index finger hurts after just one mag, and because the hard pull, it's near impossible to maintain a proper aim. Sold it shortly after buying it.

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