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  1. My glock family is growing.
  2. Interesting... the KSC G17 also seems to be slightly oversized since it is very tight in my Fobus (compared to the KJW G32C, which fits the Fobus just right; or maybe the KJW's slightly thinner than it should. ).
  3. Hehe, I believe snowman's right about the 3rd gen being the Glock 17 version, rather than the latest TM GBB mechanism designs (in fact, I don't think TM called their new GBBs 3rd gen GBBs). In any case, these TM GBBs are so good these days that it's kinda boring to play them.
  4. Yeah, almost made me cry. Unfortunately, no one else seems to have this model in stock.
  5. Yep, it's permanently damaged. And the medallions are nowhere to be found in the box. One correction to my last post. The weight 665g on the manual is not for this model, I think that was for the old non-HW 6" black model. I'll need to get a scale to measure how heavy this HW model is. WGC reports it at 735g, which is pretty good for a medium sized airsoft revolver.
  6. The last time I bought a GBB from WGC, they still used tape, but evidently, that's changed now. They were careful not to damage much of the surrounding area. I'm emailing them to ask them to at least send me the medallions. Before I get a full review up, here's a few highlights: the silver finish is very good, and it won't be damaged by things like nail polish remover. Accuracy and power are both very good. The DA is quite long and hard, not as smooth as that on the little S&W M60. SA is good. Not as heavy as WGC advertised, 665g according to the manual.
  7. I was hoping for a blue finished version, but this will have to do for now. (damn WGC for the Colt logo, last time I bought from them )
  8. Cool, keep it coming. Couple quick questions: how many BBs does the mag hold, and how many BBs can the gun shoot on one full charge of gas? And how big is the gas reservoir?
  9. Shao14

    VFC HK416

    couple things: 1. this doesn't really belong to the picture threads section. 2. Check out the pictures in WGC, or the other HK416 thread.
  10. Some of the thumbnail photos seem to have disappeared in the AEG index section.
  11. Why do you want to be able to delete your post?
  12. You can always add new info in a later post. If you absolutely have to add info/pic in an earlier post, PM a mod about it. Alternatively, you can always wait till you have all the info/pic before you make the first post.
  13. In any case, try to proof read what you post before and right after you post, and make any necessary fixes such as spelling and grammar, and then that's it. If you are not sure whether you should post certain things, just don't post.
  14. It's gone after some period of time (I do not the exact time period when you can edit your post). The reason is you are responsible for what you post, and you can not try to change what you posted couple of hours ago to deny certain things, especially for the sales forum.
  15. Shao14

    1K club

    I think there should be a new rule for picture threads: if there's no picture posted for more than a page (20 posts), then it's time to close that picture thread. Anyways, thread cleaned and re-opened, but take whatever general discussion you may have to the non-picture threads, and post only pictures and picture-related questions/clarifications here. If we can not keep this thread clean, it shall be closed for good, and spammers punished.
  16. I'm actually a bit confused about that too, but I think it's just you. http://www.opsinc.us/product.php?prodId=15thcqbmbs
  17. no, CW adaptor is not included. The rear of the silencer is not pushed against the front sight, that's the cosmetic adaptor thing I put there (optional). I'll write up a review of it with some more close ups and details one of these days.
  18. Actually, it screws on any M4/M16, or any CCW 14mm threaded barrels. No adaptor or flashhider needed. The adaptor you see on mine serves no functional purpose, but came in the package.
  19. Not quite, it's the KA 15th Ops
  20. hehe, bought mine last year shortly after it was released. WA is notorious for its limited number of productions of any specific model. There are only two-tone Kimber TLE/RL IIs in stock now as far as I know.
  21. My lovely Kim's got a new top.
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