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  1. Is that a M733? Looking good. I wonder when my M15A4's going to get to me.
  2. The outline is probably from the edge effect of the JPEG compression.
  3. Fair enough. I think the texture and flash from the camera have something to do with it.
  4. Yes, that's my beloved ICS MP5A4 (version 3.5). Never had any trouble with it. I'm not sure what Vigilante meant about the firing selector. That's the navy style, so is the pistol grip (as opposed to the MP5A2). Maybe I should put in on full auto when I took the picture?
  5. That's a KSC USP Compact. What do you mean by the safety lever look out of place?
  6. How can that be more sexier than an MP5, which by the way, we need more pictures of, so here you go, some shots of mine.
  7. LOL Now, that's what I'm talking about! Can't wait till me get my m4.
  8. Well done, unimatix! How did you spot them anyways?
  9. Haha, agree, but I wonder how many scopes can you fit on an M4. Six? Maybe?
  10. Check out the review on this site.
  11. So do I, so do I. I'm lacking a good sig in my armory.
  12. Haha, take a wild guess. That's a TM springer.
  13. Hehe, everybody's photoshopping now. I'm too dumb (or lazy) to do any photoshop, but one of my friends, who's a pro-photographer, took a couple pictures of some my guns. Check them out. The last one (SOCOM and USP compact) was by me with no photoshop. I'll post some pictures of my big guns later.
  14. I need to get one of those display racks.
  15. Exactly! Why's the old picture gallery gone? I guess Arnie'll need a pretty big harddrive and fast server to host all the pictures people want to post.
  16. Hehe, yep, the P7 is the TM springer (didn't think the MGC's NBB was worth the money) down to every detail including the firing pin indicator. The only give away is that "made in Japan" instead of "made in Germany" line. And that third picture is a G18C and the same G17 in the first picture with polished slide. And yes, gota love the good ol' 1911s. I've got to get a taclight for my G17.
  17. I've never tested how long the gas can stay in my GBB mags. Usually I'd shot it within a week. It'd probably be ok if the mag doesn't leak in a day or two (enough for gaming purposes). I wouldn't mind if it doesn't last a month. (Of course, it's even better if it does last for months and years. )
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