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  1. ah, yes, it is the new KJW M9 Vertec (basically the M9A1 with vertec grip rather than the Beretta Vertec model. Subtle differences ). The finish is better, and it seems to weigh a bit more too, and the weight distribution is more balanced (as opposed to having the majority of the weight in the grip). The accuracy and power are better, and now it has adjustable hop up.
  2. I don't understand your question.
  3. Ah, seems like my copy is customized then.
  4. I rather like the new KJW M9, better than the older version in almost every way.
  5. Come on, you think I really believe TM intentionally put that kind of marks on an otherwise beautiful gun? In any case, let us know when you get yours. I am aware of the thread discussing the TM1911A1 packaging. When the box got to me, it was sealed pretty well, and the content inside didn't appear to have shifted out of place during transit. So, the possibility of the mag hitting the gun making those marks is not that great either.
  6. Here are a few more close-up pictures showing the TM1911A1 and the WA Kimber side by side. I trust you can tell which one is which. You can also see the minor chips/scratches on the bottom of the TM1911A1 frame I mentioned, but you see no seamlines!
  7. After some more plinking, the groupings of the TM 1911A1 and my WA Kimber TLE/RL II are virtually the same at 5m. The kick is almost the same too shooting them side by side. Powerwise, both of them easily cleared both side of a regular coke can at point blank range. All shootings are done indoors at relatively warm room temp using propane. Maybe I should get another one of these. The only problem is that the safety is not ambidextrous, so it's not ideal for dual wielding. I hope TM will release some modern variants like WA does. I'd certainly like a Wilson.
  8. You need to push the last two rounds in from the top to achieve 25 rounds capacity; otherwise, you can only drop 24 rounds in from the bottom. Yea, I don't think there's anything wrong with the mag, but just compare to my WA Kimber, it's not as efficient. Of course the WA mag is almost twice as expensive (so is the gun). I guess the TM grip panel is a more accurate replica then. I think there's always been some kind of law/regulation against using more powerful gas than 134a in Japan, and all Japanese GBBs were designed to the 134a tolerance. TM was just over-achieving their
  9. I guess I can say a few words about it now that I have one too. The finish is indeed quite nice. TM has finally got up with others in terms of finish and hiding seam lines though there's still a faint hint of seam on the trigger guard. There's some small chips and scratches on the bottom side of the frame. I can't see how that can be damaged, or maybe TM did that on purpose to give the gun a battle worn look and to distract the user from whatever small seam trace there is. The grip panels, however, are quite plastic looking. I'd say the TM 1911A1 springer's grip panels look better
  10. You "spy" correctly even with my fuzz picture quality. Even the box and manual all have the Colt logo intact! UNco. You get a free BB speed loader with it too.
  11. oh no, I tried that with my TM DE HK, and the slide "flew" back at me. But usually, when you manually decock slowly, the gas released is not as much, and so the blowback of the slide is really weak, but still not recommended. In any case, UNco just informed me that my 1911 is on the way. Incidentally, they haven't changed the pre-order price on the gun, yet, even though the gun is already in stock (wgc has changed their price). I'll find out for myself if TM did anything new about the hammer system.
  12. It's unsafe to manually decock any loaded gun, airsoft or real; but Danger is my middle name. Seriously, I only manually decock my Tanaka revolvers, and occassionally my WA Kimber. The TM Hi Capa 4.3 simply can not be manually decocked. And my experience with other TM GBBs, they either provide a decocking lever, or discharge some gas when manually decocking.
  13. Just pre-ordered mine through UNco, and propane is all I prepared for it.
  14. Why would you want to put an Hi Capa slide on it? I'll probably wait till GnG has it in stock before I buy one. Oh, UNcompany has it on pre-order too. Maybe I'll order one now.
  15. Shao14

    TM 1911

    See the updated review here http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...showtopic=67857
  16. Shao14

    TM 1911

    looks like time to buy another gbb. WGC has it on pre order for only $109!
  17. No, it doesn't have split gearbox. And the gears haven't locked up again, but I haven't shot much this past week. Been too busy with other stuff.
  18. Ok, so I just got this gun, and almost started an argument in the AK Picture thread by just posting a picture. Anyways, here's what I have to say about this gun so far. On the box, there's a sticker says, "New Generation Pre-upgrade AEG" with a list of things that are supposed to have been upgraded, and evidently, "steel" means "Harden Silicon Alloy" to ICS in big letters. I've been told that the box with this sticker means this AK is Ver. 2, or maybe just the second batch, but I don't know. What I do know is that the handguard wasn't installed correctly out of the box, the hand
  19. Actually, I don't know which version it is, the serial number is 2601029. What's new in a ver. two?
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