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  1. What are you saying? I should be defecting to Taiwan? Coincidence? I think not. It's 4 times, and counting. At least, my picture wasn't that big. Didn't you get one for Farther's Day? Now, let's see if this beauty shoots as well as it looks.
  2. I'm defecting to the Soviet Union.
  3. Please quit making duplicate thread. http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...picture++camera
  4. Did you confirm the motor? I saw a picture from another review that shows a turbo 2000 motor instead of the 3000. In any case, I'm getting one of these babies.
  5. This thread is so unclear. Airsoft AEGs are clones of real steels, and almost all non-TM "real" AEGs are clones of TM AEGs, or at least inspired to some degree by the TM gearbox. CYMA's electric guns don't even qualify as AEGs, and their internals are not clones of TM's. In any case, unless you can make the thread more clear and actually interesting (a picture thread on crappy guns is not really interesting), and use good grammar, this is closed.
  6. Shao14

    Hissing Sid

    Interesting indeed. I suspect this has always been the case, and I am not aware any work or effort's being done towards restoring his account. Mods can not restore deleted files, only admins or Ivery can do that.
  7. Shao14

    Hissing Sid

    I am aware of that, but you said when you did a certain search his name and avatar reappeared? Which search was that? His name would always show up in the forum index if he started a thread.
  8. Shao14

    Hissing Sid

    I have no idea what Samm is talking about? What search? Do you have a link for the anomaly?
  9. Haha, don't get me wrong. The Cougar was great compact gun, and I came very close to buying one myself. I was just saying that the unique feature of a Beretta is the open slide design that no other pistols have, but the Cougar didn't inherit that design and went back to the more common "closed" slide design that every other pistol uses (well except the Lugar and its rip offs). See what I mean?
  10. I think the issue here is how can someone who does not use paypal make a donation.
  11. Hehe, the Cougar is not exactly a Beretta if you ask me. But a very nice gun made by Beretta nevertheless.
  12. Been buying compacts lately.
  13. Didn't even see your post when I was posting my last post. If you look at the timestemp, our posts were merely a minute apart.
  14. Congratulations on your second and possibly last post. R22 may not have gotten around to post much news in the front page, but he has done a lot of behind-the-scenes things to keep this site still running. Now, what have you done to contribute to this site lately?
  15. Much more comfortable grip.
  16. That picture is incredible! I truly can't tell whether those Glocks are placed on top of the magazine or part of the magazine cover picture.
  17. Now the server seems to be running ok, but the "View New Posts" link still does not work, at least not in my current browser.
  18. I know some team subforums are allowed to discuss a group order among themselves. What you can also do is to take a look at the wanted section to see if anyone else is interested in the same item, and contact them privately via PM to set up something if you want.
  19. Not necessarily. Sometimes a thread is so blatantly violating one of the forum rules, mods don't bother to contact the poster about it. I haven't seen the post in question, so can't comment on this specifc case, but if one of your post/thread is missing, do NOT post the same thing again. It could either be your post is moved to a more appropriate place, or deleted. And stop making threads asking where a post/thread go. If your post was about joint-order, you might want to check the sale forum rules. Maybe it was too comercial in nature.
  20. Even if anyone uses Paypal, I'd advise to hold off with the paypal at the moment because it's probaby Arnie's paypal account, and Arnie's away at the moment, so whatever donation you make via that account is less likely to contribute right away. At this moment, try to contact this person, http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...p?showuser=2041 who owns and directly working on the server as we speak. I'm sure he'd be happy to take a check if not paypal.
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