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  1. TnL

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    do you mean the maruzen shells or the MARUSHIN shells? very big difference
  2. TnL

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    if you end up 3D printing shells could I get some? lol
  3. TnL

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Is that Plastic like the marushin or full metal? I may have to get one, I miss my old marushin T2
  4. TnL

    GHK G5 First Impressions.

    Yea even my pretty ridiculous GBBR collection looks conservative next to that lineup
  5. TnL

    WE MP5k "Apache" - Initial Impressions.

    got an A2 this week, just got back from my first game with it, I absolutely LOVE it, the new design we Hopups really shoot accuratley, the gun itself is very nice and loud, and feels great, theres nothing I dont like about it so far
  6. TnL

    GHK G5 First Impressions.

    mine shoots 340 fps out of the box, its absolutely perfect
  7. TnL

    Schnitzel with noodles - what made you smile today?

    I ordered my WE MP5 from EBasia, who dont charge at all for shipping, and they shipped it with priority mail!
  8. TnL

    GHK G5 First Impressions.

    i found that I had some double feeds and jams, then I rounded the bottom of the loading finger so it wont catch a second BB and try to remove it from the mag, havent had a problem since
  9. TnL

    GHK G5 First Impressions.

    I found that the grey Oring they use SUCKS, its loose, and soft, and just generally sucks I put a black Oring from a standard set of Oring replacements, its the same diameter, but a fatter Oring that doesnt jiggle and stretch in the slot like the original, havent had a single issue ever since
  10. I recently got a Zparts MSK trigger kit from CWI, and its definitley RAtech quality, but does that Mean RAtech makes it? no Im starting to think RAtech is the one rebranding parts, the Zparts kit looks alot like the RAtech kits for the regular M4s in construction style and quality, and Im guessing maybe in a little while the same kit will show up on RAtechs site labelled the RAtech MSK trigger kit...
  11. TnL

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    for a second I had though youd rigged up a boxmag to it...
  12. TnL

    WE M&P

    well, why do you live in kommunist kalifornia, anyways?!?! lol what kind of law outlaws threaded barrels? is it because if you have a threaded barrel your going to suppress it and be a super assassin? I would love to move to the states from this trash heap of a socialist country, but california is like the one place in the states thats even worse than Canada, they call SKSs Assault rifles there!
  13. TnL


    hk45 too
  14. TnL

    GHK G5 First Impressions.

    I thought the degrees was how many degrees around the BB the nub extended to the sides, not hardness

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