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    When you mean "Toy Collection" are you reffering to airsoft? Not that I have anything of another nature.

    Other than that I did have 18 blank firing Armi Jager 8mm M16's, 1 x blank firing Mk 2 9mm Sten full auto, 1 x Armi Jager 8mm blank firing AK47, and still have 2 x 9mm blank firing .357 Magnums, 2 x 8mm blank firing Glocks, 1 x 9mm blank firing weirhwach.
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    Bloody sunday drivers. GET OUT OF THE WAY DICK HEAD!!!
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    United Kingdom

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    Eating. Breathing. Living. Sleeping. Guns. Guns. Guns. Guns. Guns. Explosives - the real stuff, not any of that pyro nonsense (my dad used to be a bomb disposal expert in the Royal Engineers in Northern Ireland. Lets just say he taught me a few things using normal household chemicals).<br />Sex - anyone who says their not interested is either weird or sexually inadequite. Sex before guns and explosives or guns and explosives before sex? Hmm, thats a tough one.

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  1. Steve Pearson

    Videos Thread !

    Thats the one that has that derelict town place isn't it? Looks like a real war torn village.
  2. Steve Pearson

    paul w crazy hat.jpg

    I went to the exact same plastic surgeon as Michael Jackson and I'm perfectly fine.
  3. Steve Pearson

    Bits and Bobs

    How the hell would I know?

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