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  1. Steve Pearson

    Videos Thread !

    Thats the one that has that derelict town place isn't it? Looks like a real war torn village.
  2. Steve Pearson


    From the album: Bits and Bobs

    And this is legal in the States?
  3. Steve Pearson

    paul w crazy hat.jpg

    I went to the exact same plastic surgeon as Michael Jackson and I'm perfectly fine.
  4. Steve Pearson

    Bits and Bobs

    How the hell would I know?
  5. Steve Pearson


    From the album: Bits and Bobs

    One day I will have one of these.
  6. Steve Pearson


    From the album: Bits and Bobs

    One of my favourites. Apparently the British and American armies actually have specially made pyros that can simulate the visual effects of a nuclear explosion, obviously on a smaller scale and without the nasty radiation that goes with it. That would be interesting to have in an airsoft game.
  7. Steve Pearson

    Eh? What?

    From the album: Bits and Bobs

    OK, who's the smart *albartroth* that said I look like a fat version of Jack from Will and Grace?
  8. Steve Pearson

    Miserable git!

    From the album: Bits and Bobs

    Peo (me). Not a happy bunny.
  9. Steve Pearson

    3 Section Glory Boys Iraq 2003

    From the album: Bits and Bobs

    3 Section Glory Boys sweating their ######s off in a "mild" temp of 62c.

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