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  1. I think it's very unfair and totally baseless to call any and all "exploding" mags user negligence. As for a lawsuit not holding don't count your breath. If a lady can sue McDonald's for serving hot coffee that she accidently spilled and burnt herself and win. Then any incident involving any of your products can and will result in the same ruling. Especially, since it's mainly exported as a "toy".
  2. Your front sight is held on by a set screw underneath the sling mount in addition to the 2 pins.
  3. I'm sorry I'm relying on my pubic edumication and daylighting career for information here. And I will aimlessly attempt to back it up with a lot more uneducated reasoning. That I did not want to present needlessly in the first place. Figuring that a highly educated person as yourself would first consider and weigh an oppossing argument before dismissing it. Wrong, you're actual volume remains the same since it's the total volume of the mag. In order to use your law we have to be dealing with a completely vapor state, which we are not. In our case we're dealing with both the liquid an
  4. I believe that only holds true if the temperature remains constant. In this case temperature does not remain constant it increases. So even though a pistol mag has a smaller volume it's still a constant, since it's a vessel and same with the GBBr mags. Therefore, as temperature increases so does the pressure.
  5. My mags weren't permanently sealed. They were 75-90% filled when they bursted due to the heat. And staying out of the sun during the summer is almost impossible in California for any duration especially during game time. The entire WE system is/has had a design flaw or QC issue from the beginning. Otherwise, the need to replace and or redesign certain parts wouldn't be necessary for the short duration that it's been available. Perhaps your magazines are flawed also. Otherwise, why would there be a need to "fix" mags right out of the box because they leak even during the winter months?
  6. I have yet to have a pistol mag or have heard of a pistol mag exploding due to summer heat. Then again if you look at the thickness of the walls of a pistol compared to say the WE there's a huge difference. It's a combination of the expansion rate of propane and the design of the mag itself but I'm leaning towards the mag as being the main culprit here. This isn't my first mag to pop either. I've had 2 pop on me. First one happened when I got mine for christmas. It was a bit cold out so I warmed up the mag filled with propane with hot water and the mag cracked at the side plate. Second ti
  7. FPS still erratic even with original brass nozzle. And 300FPS floating valve. Chrono'd @ approximately 90*F (30*C-35*C?) 350-390 on a 5 shot chrono on .20 with new hop, stabilizer and all. Testing this weekend I was having a hell of a time trying to tune it to stay within reason at 75*F-80*F. New hop works wonders and is day and night over the initial hop. But the erratic FPS is very frustrating. BTW WETTI you'll need to redesign your gas mag's too. They WILL not hold up to triple digit temps. One of my magazine's bursted today. Luckily it was in my go bag. I was running straight propane.
  8. I had the problem. I had to completely dispel the gas and allow the mag to warm up. I think the fill valve gets stuck when it's too cold. On a completely odd note one of my magazines popped. The pressure from the propane was too much I guess and it sheared the screws off the spline.
  9. The problem with Gas in Mag is that FPS will vary due to temperature. The WE is meant for propane or higher so using 134A/Duster will not work. The lower FPS stated is with the restricted nozzle. During winter, spring and late fall you should be within your field limits. I believe the stated FPS on the websites are taken @ room temp. Your best bet is to wait for the CO2 mags and CO2 bundle to be released. With the restricted nozzle and lower power regulated mags you should be able to play year round.
  10. Like I've said before a VSR style hopup bucking. Gets rid of the stupid little rubber cup and has a wider surface area for the hop. While the ball bearing to engage the hop isn't optimal it'll work. As a compromise a larger ball bearing to increase surface area. It's totally possible I've taken measurements and it wouldn't be much of change from the original chamber design to get it working.
  11. you might get a faster response if a new thread is made about airsoft buddy. Seeing several pages of irrate customers complaining is better than a few sporadic complaints here and there on 73 page thread.
  12. no one positive review from a pimply faced kid on youtube does it for me.
  13. You're reading too much into the talking horse metaphor. Go outside and play with a farm animal for while. And stats can be very subjective as it's easily manipulated as milking a cow.
  14. Farm animals are much easier to understand than cars. And you've proven our point as well. That again it doesn't matter what specs it has on paper or what not. It's what you can get out of it. So to make the assumption that it isn't as good on paper makes less skirmishable is about as much hogwash as a horse that can talk.
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