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  1. Hey, so I really want a MWS, but the issues with the gritty trigger are holding me back. I've seen this video where someone seems to have fixed it, does anyone know which parts of the trigger assembly I need to dremel off/down to achieve a short trigger reset and initial trigger pull travel?
  2. Hey, some questions: 1. I would like to drop in a M110 in my Scar-L. Do I have to change the stock gearset for that? Any other changes I should made instead of the motor? 2. I already have a Prometheus 6.03 EG barrel here, is it a straight fit? 3. I plan to drop in this mosfet along with a 7.4 lipo, I know there's not much space available in the stock, but do you think it can fit? (I don't have the exact dimensions right now?) Thanks!
  3. So what would be the most common battery adapters today? Still Gunsmith and Triggertalk? I did resolder my past AEGs to deans, is that easy to do with the Sopmod?
  4. Quick and easy tape fix for magazines with faulty bolt catch lever system: The ghettofix does work, but once applied you cant push the lever down completely: And because of that, you cant push the Bolt catch entirely in, after all BBs were fired. I then tried to put a small piece of rubber under one side of the the other lever (pic below), so there's nothing on the upper side that prevents the lever from getting pulled up completely. Unfortunately, it didn't work quite well, the Bolt Stop still didn't engage. It had to do something with the strenght of the spring... S
  5. I just received my madbull DD RIS, but after installing the barrel nut the barrel wobbles. I need some washers but unfortunately those from echigoya are out of stock, so can i use washers for a normal aeg? Or is there a trick to eliminate wobble with something else, without buying extra washers?
  6. Short question: Normally, when you press the boltcatch after an empty magazine, the boltcatch goes back to normal position very easily and "smooth", but what might be the problem if it's not that smooth, you have to press it a little harder and there's a "click" sound when you push it back in? When i got the gun used, that happened in 1 out of 3 situations, but now it happens everytime the bolt-lock engages.
  7. Alright, new question: 1. Does the madbull barrel nut of the MK18 RIS II fit? 2. Does the madbull barrel nut of the MK18 RIS II fit I heard both of them are a bit different...
  8. omfg. I just received my socom again (this time with the stock spring), shot 3 times semi, everything perfect, took the mag out, 1 BB was still in the gun, put the mag back in, shot and after the last shot the boltcatch jammed again, and the nozzle blocks the BB entry in the magwell. Could i break something if would just try to push the catch in and pull the trigger? I dont want to make anything wrong. Edit: Pushed the catch back in, pulled the trigger...and it works *phew* Maruiman gave me a heartattack...again.
  9. Awesome Boba Thanks folks, i'll buy the one from laylax then.
  10. Anyone knows which wrench tool besides the one from laylax (which is a bit pricey :/) is compatible with the sopmod? I got some AR15 tools here, but none of them fit unfortunately Would appreciate some advice here.
  11. One thing i didnt tell yet, im using a 230fps spring (only way to legally shoot it full auto *sigh*) and a 7.4v 1300, could that have caused a motor overspin? Its already on its way to the seller, but when i pulled the trigger on semi (with no battery plugged in, because i didnt want to break anything), it made some click sound, and after selecting full auto, the trigger sounded normal when pulling it. The loading nozzle was blocking the BB entry. Did i damage the gun with that or what else could have happened? :/
  12. It's a front wired sopmod. Nevermind, the seller will probably look into the issue.
  13. Hey, i got a problem. I just received my marui m4, shot semi first, no problems. Then i did some Full Auto Bursts, and after the 4th or 5th burst the gun stopped firing, the magazine was empty and the bolt catch jammed in place, and i cant push it back to normal position. I didnt open the gun yet, i only looked at the hop up entry where the bbs get into, and there seems to be the nozzle that blocks the entry. Wtf? Again, i never opened a marui next gen, and i dont want to break anything... BTW, it's a front wired sopmod.
  14. Why would someone run his next gen with a 11.1v, when he knows exactly (or not) that already with a 8.4, marui next gens have a trigger response as fast as/faster than a china aeg on a 9.4v? With a 7.4v, you can trigger a stock next gen scar as fast as a systema. Honestly, there's no need to run it with a 11.1. You will just break your gun.
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