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  1. Are there any USMC or Force Recon orientated groups or milsim teams in the UK?

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    2. Hardcore1-6


      There should be, i'd be keen.

    3. TeddyBhoy


      You anywhere near London mate? We Could make it happen. Even if we just set up a group of similarity dressed people to turn up at milsims together lol

    4. Hardcore1-6


      Er.. no.


      More Belfast. But normally Bath/Swindon area.

  2. It was not too dissimilar to a ragu, could taste some garlic in there as well as some parsley. Also the sausage was in mince form rather than sliced like the ones from Tesco ! They're doing the Italian meals for one at 3 for £7 and there are some really nice ones, the beef cannelloni is amazing. My family swear by their ham and mushroom tagliatelle but the ham is very salty so be warned
  3. Came to this thread to tell everyone about the amazing Tuscan sausage penne pasta microwave meal I just had from m&s but reading the last page or so and seeing the friendship between you guys really put a smile on my face !
  4. Well I've started a blog and just made my first post, let me know what you guys think and please follow/share it ( not sure how that works). Would be nice to know people are going to read it! http://teddybhoyairsoft.blogspot.co.uk/

  5. Anyone used a WAS BMF bergen ? Was going to get an x300 but they're out of stock, the BMF looks similar to the FILBE I was going to get for my FR kit but I'm worrying about it having no hip pad putting all the weight on my shoulders?

  6. If anyone spots an inert M72A7 LAW being sold in the UK let me know please. While I'm at it, does anyone know a good place to get a Tan PACA replica new?

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