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  1. Yeah, get qualified first and doa few solo jumps afterwards. As a heads up thoug, booties really do bite, the difference between normals shins and booties is incredible. Oh the court case will go my way, the evidence stacked up against the other guy is solid. It's all to do with a garage that fouled up my cars engine.
  2. Ahh, you know first hand then. For the technical side of it RAPs is brillaint. You'll easily see a RAPS grad and an AFF grad quite easily. Yeah 6 and 7 are decent- back flips, tracking and whatever else. When you can go for your FS1 as well, thats a very good thing to have. I'm working through mine. As for jumps, I have 40 now. I've been doing it for a year, but my old job and lack of money got in the way. So progress has been *suitcase*. I've now done 20 in about a month. (still less than I would like). Now a court case is in my way. Sigh. Coming back to the suit quickly though
  3. Nice one, none of the this RAPs milarky. You wait til your levels 6 and 7. Fun stuff them. And level 8.... get ya arch good is all I can say. Other than that, enjoy it and welcome to the club. . I'm planning a trip to Nethers towards the end of this months or early june. If your there then, look me up, won't be hard lol
  4. I got it done by a company called 'Deepseed'. They are based in New Zealand, and the quality is excellent. My local DZ is a toss up between Weston-on-the-Green and Hinton. Weston I use more during the academic year as I take students there. Hinton is my 'home' one though. A similiar distance from home, is Netheravon. Do you jump as well the, Tom?
  5. Kye

    Star L1A1

    Has anyone got any juicy stuff on this rifle? I'm itching to get one, provided it does well.
  6. I think just accept it. Mine has some play in it and is fine. Also on the subject of the handle- you can hold the gun by it. I've seen it written that it's a bad idea. It does no harm at all. I've ran with mine smacking against my leg, dragged it through buildings, knocked it on tree's and it's fine still. Also i'll put up a few pictures of the modification I have made to the box mag. It actually works rather well now, and i've not had a problem with james. I guess A&K have tightened the quality control since his review. The slector switch for it is on the side that will be in
  7. Not a problem in the slightest dear sir
  8. From FarEast himself.
  9. I've just finished looking around them. I'm going to buy the bits to do it. I will lop the small male connector off, and fit a large one instead to the stock wires. That will then connect to a length of wire with a large female at one end, and a mini male connector (CS's own charger convertor). Said length of wire will allow me to use the mini type battery on a large connection, as well as charge it. Who has purchased connectors from component shop? Do they come with the contacts or do they need to be brought along side the connector?
  10. Has anyone managed to change the connecter in the MkII, to that of a large type at all? Failing that, is there a converter that can be purchased?
  11. You have just made my evening dear sir
  12. I have spoken to rsov about the large battery, and they say that a large 9.6v will fit. I say 9.6v as that was the size I inquired about. I can't speak for the 10.4's.
  13. How large a battery will fit in the Mk2's stock? If not a large, how easy would it be to modify the stock to take a large type? Failing that I guess i'm sticking with small battery's as I'll be buggered i'm paying 60 quid for a CA stock.
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