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  1. How good is the ICS Galil? What is the mag compatibility REALLY like?

  2. Anyone know how to fix WE High Capa mags?

    1. JamesKACF


      Well a quick google and I think the problem is something to do with the floating valve? I think... I'm new to the GBB world.

      Basically after 1 or 2 shots no more BBs come out but the weapon still cycles (as in the slide goes back). But if I manually cock the pistol a BB will go into the chamber.

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  3. Does anyone know where I can get some custom designed velcro patches made? I'm not looking for embroidered ones, preferably PVC or Rubber

    1. JamesKACF


      Thanks, unfortunately they're minimum order is 35 and my team is only a five man fireteam atm.

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  4. Does anyone know what a stock CM16 carbine chronos around? I want to use it on Saturday but don't own a chronograph.

    1. JamesKACF


      Thanks, I figured that it wouldn't exceed the site limit of 350 but I though it was safer to make sure.

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  5. WE MEU 1911 or save for VFC 416?

    1. JamesKACF


      Ha thanks guys!

      My role is Grenedier, however as airsoft GLs are just Hulked out shotguns, I am basically a rifleman with a shitload of grenades.


      As for the weapons I will probably pick up both eventually It's just that a guy at my site is selling his 1911 for £100.

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