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  1. Here's some from Team Diablo on Saturday night at the Longmoor night game


    I should have figured what those guys with "official marshal" jumpers were doing, I did wonder. I was at Longmoor for a completely different reason haha.


    How was it? I was quite impressed by the training area while I was there.


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  2. Heyy! I'm not a noob... :whistling:  Look, see I can use smilies...  



    Ok fair point. Do you mean the bit labelled "Airsoft *chaffinch* chat" because I thought I was posting there. 


    I know Arnies isn't like zeroin but I still like looking at what people are selling, and I'm desperate to find a VFC 416 for sale somewhere. 



    ps why is *chaffinch* on the swear filter?? o.0

  3. A couple of me and my team from Sunday, taken by the sites photographer.



    'Cos I'm operator   :P


    Me and a team mate getting suppressed by the enemy


    I'm up, he's seen me, I'm down


    Another guy on my team





    These are all my team and a few extras for that game (about 10 of us in all) holding out against the entire enemy team, we were stuck in the corner and getting flanked, held out for a good 6-7 minutes before getting swamped.

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