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  1. Happy New Year guys! Here's a little highlight reel from my channel! Hope you enjoy!
  2. Teaser video from my up and coming series of Airborne Airsoft's Milsim event.
  3. Part 2 of my MilSim series from Operation Destroyer at Longmoor UTC.
  4. Operation Destroyer MilSim series PART 1. From Airborne Airsoft's Operation Destroyer at Longmoor UTC.
  5. Latest Video: Quick teaser from Airborne Airsoft's Operation Destroyer.
  6. Ambush Adventures The Billet, Evening Game 3rd June 2015
  7. The UK's Sandpit run by UCAP.
  8. Video from a few weeks back at Airborne Airsoft's MilSim event at Longmoor: Operation Annihilate.
  9. Yeah we had a few dramas with no hit taking their, particularly grenade kills. Even our own team weren't taking accidental friendly grenades and we had to point it out to them a couple of times. Unfortunately it got worse as the day went on and we ended up leaving just after lunch. It's a great little site though.
  10. Latest video at Red 1 Airsoft's The School.
  11. Latest Video from Airborne Airsoft's Operation Endurance.
  12. Latest video from Templar Airsoft.
  13. UCAP Airsoft's The Sandpit. 12/10/2014
  14. Latest tutorial on how to create a 4 colour snakeskin camo pattern.
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