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  1. Added the rs DD rail on the other day, the Spear Arm spacer works as should, the rs nut does not. Required force which the TM upper handled. Also is there removing the pistol grip straight forward? When I turn counterclockwise it feels like it gets caught on something and I don't want to force it seeing the complexity of the MWS is.
  2. Have you got around to changing the rail yet? I've got the Spear Arms spacer coming in for my DD RIS II that has been sitting on the sideline waiting to be put on the MWS. Not looking forward to sourcing an AEG style DD barrel nut/rethreading the upper. At least the upper is not a three piece design like KWA.
  3. Here is another Luckily these were the 2012 versions so the QC wasn't bad, also PureSilver was referring to the upper receiver price.
  4. There's a 1911 in there also Wolf, beautiful collection!
  5. Really need stop taking pictures with an iPhone, but without further ado... AM SAI Slide AM SV 3.9 Tactical Frame AM QB Black Hammer AM Infinity Steel Rear Sight AM Slide Lock Prime CNC'd Grip Nova SV Safeties
  6. ZEV//Tech G34 John Noveske, special thanks to Clem at House Gunfire. Apologies for the crazy cellphone photo edit, tried to get the awesome trades to stand out.
  7. AM SAI govt slide on Nova SAI 1911 frame, unfortunately it does not line up
  8. Posted on behalf of my friend, he recently had his slide/magwell hyrdo dipped and got the new Nebula Zev slide
  9. Left- Right Prime SAI MK25 PGC E2 Prime P228
  10. Dat pricetag Probably the closest airsoft SAI replicated product to cost as much as the real SAI item. But still freaking cool!
  11. Great review! Do you need to use the supplied gas routes?
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