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  1. That is a very nice looking flashlight mount for what it's made of. I don't think I'll look at cut up pens and cable ties the same way ever again.
  2. That is a really nice paint job on the VSR, great work DarkLite.
  3. Beta


  4. Beta

    BCL Mod.II

    production grenade pistol album 1
  5. Yes, though I would also be purchasing a 150% recoil spring and considering I've only ever run this pistol on propane the reduction in cycling time would end up being negligible at best. Really the biggest reason I'd like to add a suppressor is to be able to mount a laser onto the suppressor itself. I've tried mounting one onto the side of the flashlight, but I really don't like the look of it.
  6. Might I ask, what am best silencer adaptor for the m92?
  7. Beta

    Micro Uzi

    customized uzi pistol
  8. Beta

    Project M-11

    Photo file for project gbb rifle
  9. The Marushin magazines will fit into the HFC, however the gas release valves don't line up perfectly and so while you can click a Marushin mag in for the C-96 look, you'll be skirmishing with the extended M-712 magazine until you come upon either a modified Marushin magazine or a shorter HFC C-96 variant magazine (Which I've heard exist but have yet to confirm.)
  10. Ooh, those are nice, even if I never really took to the whole Strat and Telecaster look, I've gotta admit that's a nice collection... When I get home this afternoon I'll have to take some pictures of my SG and spanish acoustic.
  11. I hope I can find one some day, I've always like the lineup from Poseidon, I just wish they made more airsoft gun conversions based on their plastic gun kits. Though they've got a nice TM Python - Enfield conversion out now, which looks pretty nice. here.
  12. YES, YES!!! THIS is what I'd like in airsoft: Vash's gun, a double-action, auto-ejecting, breach-loading, mateba-style revolver.
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