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  1. Got this the other day with winnings from a G&G competition. G&G GEC36. Very impressed with it. It's very snappy, very accurate, range is brilliant and the build quality is really top notch. It also has some kind of system that simulated a heavy bolt. No blowback, but when you press the bolt lock and release the bolt its quite violent.
  2. That's a really nice look. The scope fits perfectly on there, in fact, I probably like it more than the SUSAT.
  3. Yeah, I was thinking of an AFG (didn't know they were called that) but in OD. Honestly, I am not really a fan of tan on weapons for some reason.
  4. Halfway there. Next, the RIS but I think I'll go for a different grip to the gripod.
  5. Thanks. It's the first time I've started getting into understanding the insides of an AEG and I do really like the trigger contact mechanism and how it works. It's very difficult to block the trigger. More on topic, here she is at the moment (from the Bulpup thread).
  6. Not to get too off topic, but with all this talk of mosfets, am I doing something very wrong by running by ICS L85 on a 7.4v lipo stock?
  7. New ICS L85A2. Looks and performs beautifully! Hope to get a Susat on there at some point.
  8. Il just say that being around 10ยบ today, and raining, my kwa G18 held up great, though in the end I think rain started playing havoc with the hop up and I was loosing range/accuracy but otherwise working admirably.
  9. My precious. Maybe not 100% original but something different. Probably my primary for a while now. No AEG can compare to this.
  10. Pretty simple at the moment.
  11. Can I have a link to the wallpaper please?
  12. Would that be the wgc custom? Is it a good gun (strong gearbox etc )? I have been thinking of that for a next gun but im no good with taking apart and fixing gearboxes Sorry for all the questions.
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